Duterte’s appointment of Lopez as DENR Sec met strong resistance but find an unlikely ally from a priest

The appointment of Gina Lopez as the incoming DENR Secretary has raised some eyebrows among ordinary netizens and pundits alike. Here’s why!

First, Gina Lopez is a scion of the Lopez of ABS-CBN which has been highly criticized by Duterte supporters during the election campaign period for spewing black propaganda one after the other to undermine Duterte’s presidential bid.

The Duterte supporters are so mad at the Lopez-owned ABS-CBN that a campaign to boycott it even created so much stir online.

Second, the Lopez family operates geothermal plants for power generation which environmentalists say has a damaging effect to the local environs but Gina Lopez says otherwise.

Third, the Lopez family controlled various companies in the Philippines that netizens and critics are afraid that a conflict of interest could become an issue.

In the midst of the opposition in the Gina Lopez appointment, the incoming DENR Secretary has found an ally from a Catholic priest who wrote an informal letter of endorsement on Facebook. Check out the letter below:

I myself go for responsible mining…! But the sad truth is that in the country at the present time.., responsible mining an oxymoron…!

As the incoming DENR Sec says, the miners still have to show a mining community that is progressive and sustainable.

Second in a country where ‘pay off’ is practically a national culture from barangay level to the highest position in government, miners go for short cut from the environmental assessment compliance to actual extraction..!

Islands and mountains disappear! Open pit mining destroy practically everything! The rehabilitation and reconstruction of environment is practically nil…

The contribution of the entire mining industry to the economic growth is a measly 4%…! Do we gamble our future and the future of our land for a measly 4%?

Responsible Mining in the Philippines? A joke? So let our miners show first the sustainability of their operations… Meanwhile, I will go for Gina!

Gina is a refreshing news to our environment and Eco-system and to the Filipino nation!

Jun Mercado, OMI

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