Duterte’s ‘final salute’ to fallen soldier killed by NPA land mine in Davao breaks the heart of netizens!

President Duterte recently visited the wake of the soldiers who died after a land mine planted by the NPA guerillas exploded, wounding 17 others on Thursday noon, February 17, 2017.

Members of the 3rd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine army were pursuing a group of rebels who attacked and burned a harvesting facility owned by Del Monte Philippines in Tawan-tawan, Davao City when soldier’s convoy hit a landmine.

Fatalities were Corporal Michael Yadao and Private Virnel Damondon of the 3rd IB.

On Friday, President Duterte paid tribute to Corporal Michael Yadao and Private Virnel Damondon and Eagle Davao captured this iconic photo of the president crying at the coffin of the fallen soldier.

Credits to Edge Davao for the photo

Credits to Edge Davao for the photo

Netizen’s who saw the photo felt the President’s pain; they expressed their gratitude and admiration to the president for visiting every dead soldier despite his busy schedule.

Estelita Taeza commented: “Oh boy!!!When I read this,my tears coming down too?I fell what our president did!i am soo proud of him,ama siya, nawalan ng I sang anak, he fell that way,God bless poh!!”

Cristina Andres Calaunan remarked: “I am deeply touched and sad…So proud of you our President…Take care we love you and trust your sincerity to your people.. Salute from Italy!!”

Grace Zamora said: “You broke my heart ilove you tatay don’t give up.”

Florna Gazmen wrote: “I salute you Mr Pres DU30 . You are a true blooded Filipino . You love this S country and we the Filipino people . We will pray that God will continuously bless you wt good health and always keep you safe . MABUHAY PO KAYO sir!!”

Noah James Jimenez commented: “Kayo po ang tunay na may malasakit sa bayan. KAya ikaw po ang napili ng Diyos para mag lingkod @ ikaw ang tunay na Hero para sa tulad naming sumusuporta saiyo. Mabuhay po kayo.god bless.”

Aniela Holm thanked the President for not being afraid to show his tears “Maraming salamat po Tatay Digong… parang winarak puso ko nang nakita ko to. Sorry po ang titigas ng ulo namin… :(“ As if I needed more proof to strengthen my resolve of support and love for you, PRRD. I love you and we got your back. FOR THE MOTHERLAND!!!

Credits to Edge Davao

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