DZXL radio broadcaster rants & taunts Mayor Duterte to a gun duel

Netizens, Catholics and even non-Catholics have joined forces in condemning Mayor Duterte for the Pope-cursing incident during his acceptance speech as PDP-Laban’s Presidential candidate for the 2016 election in lieu of Martin Dino.

In fairness to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, he exhibited the character only a few possess, the ability to accept one’s fault and make peace with the people hurt by his inadvertent use of foul words.

True enough, Mayor Duterte’s efforts to reach out to the institution that he offended is starting to reap dividends. The exchange of harsh words between the two camps has subsided while the online bashing has tempered down a bit.

Turned out, it is only a temporary reprieve. Why? There is a video circulating in the social media recently, which I believed could revisit wounds that is just starting to heal caused by the Pope cursing incident.

DXZL radio broadcaster challenges Duterte to a gun duel

Credits to Lino Celle of DXZL

In the video, actually its more of an audio, a radio broadcaster identified as Lino Celle of DXZL can be heard ranting against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for cursing the Pope.

Mr. Celle is also mad at Duterte for the latter’s position in the Spratly dispute with China. We already knew that Mayor Duterte would rather focus in developing a friendly relations with China and Japan and other Asian countries and relegate the US as the least important partners in terms of economic and diplomatic relations.

The interesting part of the audio recording was the point when the DZXL radio broadcaster challenged Duterte to a gun fight. I am not sure he is serious about his taunt. Everybody knows that Mayor Duterte is your average gun enthusiast, but Mr. Celle sounds very serious on his challenge.

You may listen now to the audio now.

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