Holy week message of pro-Duterte social media influencer to Liberal Party: “Work on your credibility to get back to power.”

Work on your credibility.

This is the Holy Week message of President Duterte’s most combative supporter to Liberal Party how to return to power.

Yes you heard it right!

Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer Krizette Laureta Chu, a passionate defender of President Duterte from critics on social media told the opposition what makes Duterte tick to the masses, getting all-time high trust ratings despite the massive black propaganda campaign of the opposition.

Chu said PRRD has credibility, which he earned after decades and decades of good public service which she said is hard to beat based on the testimonials from people PRRD helped throughout the years while the opposition doesn’t.

On one hand, the Liberal Party Chu said is the complete opposite. Photo-ops like eating fish balls, laying bricks and eating meals in carinderia used to work but won’t the trick anymore.

Chu wrote that LP’s should think long-term. The key words are showing real kindness, real results and they should begin by loving the Philippines for real.

Chu said the first year would be the difficult part because their first few projects won’t get noticed by the public but they should stick to it because the effect would be cumulative.

However, Chu ended the FB post by dismissing the LP’s return to power as nearly impossible because the plan she laid out for LP’s return to power are impossible for them to do.

You may read Krizette Chu’s post below now.


It’s not a WPS issue. It’s not an EJK issue. It’s not a Pulong-My-Love-is-a-Druglord issue. It’s not a rude misogynistic leader issue. It’s not a dictator issue. It’s not an economy is tanking issue.

Quite simply, if we were to distill everything you ever did but failed at– it is only this:

IT IS A CREDIBILITY ISSUE. Meaning, the President has credibility and you have none. That’s it. Very simply, that’s it.

You can throw everything at Duterte and it will not stick, not because you haven’t found the right issue to destroy him with, but because the President has the advantage of decades of good service. There is nothing in the world you can do or say that will trump this,especially crowd sourced stories from people he has helped in the past or worked with in the past.

You are misappropriating your funds for something you cannot control.

I will tell you this because your own advisers wont. Because if they tell you, they will lose their Cash cow. Ginagawa kayong desperado at tanga para lagi kayong mahingan ng funds. Especially Trillanes and I think Lacierda and team. Nothing they plan will ever bear fruit because they’re stupid and selfish. You won’t ever get your ROI if you allow these nincompoops to plan the downfall of Duts.

The way to get back in power is not to destroy the President. I will tell you without bias that is impossible because we will fight to the death for him.

The way to get back in power is to work on your OWN credibility. I am so sorry there is no shortcut for this. Meaning one meal at a carenderia or a photo op eating fishballs or laying bricks won’t do the trick.

And you’re wondering, but it used to work!!! Maybe it did, but that was before people made it their business to know what other people had for breakfast.

Social media has changed the game, and you cannot fight it. It would be so tempting to resort to quick fixes but that is impossible in this day and age. The true illiterate in this generation is the one who refuses to adapt to changes.

This only means you plan for the long term. It means we need to see real kindness, real results. It means we need to see you work for real. It means you need to love the pH for real. It means that while your first few projects may not be noticed, impact is cumulative, and will matter in the long term.

I really hope you realize this: You dont destroy Duterte, IT! DOES! NOT! WORK!!! You’ve done your worst in the past three years, back when you had the energy and the money. Now as we approach the midterms, you should realize that you need to change tack. Youve done your worst, and his approval ratings are the HIGHEST in the world for a leader, at 70 to 80 percent.

Are you dense? (Plus, God is on our side, di nyo nahahalata?)

So be kind, be good, be cooperative, be genuinely caring for the people. Work for the sake of working, not for the sake of glory.

Come to think of it this is veritably impossible for you to do. Ay Hindi na kayo mababalik in power shucks sorry I wasted your time.

Your thoughts?

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