Is Facebook targeting election fraud exposé on senate hearing? Netizen exposes ties of Facebook Ph public policy head to Robredo?

Ordinary netizens have noticed a pattern lately of video links getting removed or marked as spam by Facebook, particularly video links of Monday’s senate hearing on election fraud.

US-based Filipina blogger “Maharlika” claimed that she been inundated lately with private messages from her Facebook followers complaining about unable to repost the video links of lawyer Glenn Chong’s explosive exposé on election irregularities masterminded by Smartmatic and Comelec in favor of their favored politician or politicians.

Maharlika remarked that what was happening a clear proof that they (dilawans) wanted to hide the truth from the public.

Marami po akong natanggap na message/ complaints na hindi nila ma repost ang videos ni Atty Glenn Chong sa Senate hearing kahapon at videos/articles na pabor sa administrasyon.

Ito ay patunay na gustong itago at pagtakpan ng Dilawan ang katotohanan! Mga hayup kayo! Liberal Party hindi kayo magwawagi sa kadiliman ninyo lalo ka na FAKE VP Leni Robredo abogaga! 40×4=1600 to the highest exponent ang kasamaan at kasinungalingan mo!

Maharlika posted the screenshots of the individual messages received by netizens whose links were either deleted or marked as spam by Facebook.


Well, Maharlika was not exaggerating either as the phenomenon was also noted by netizens as per the comments below.

Ada Andula-Oliver

Same here, yesterday I shared the article and video about Atty. Glen Chong’s appearance at the Senate but was removed telling me that said article was a spam and does meet the community standard of FB , I complained and said it was not spam, they returned it and told me that after reviewing it was found to be not spam. Isn’t it sound fishy? They’re stooping to that level.

Rowena Sison Canave

Relate ako dito. We DDS are under watch. 4 of my posts were removed earlier but returned after my report.

Baks A. Abella

Maybe thats why facebook said i posted a possible spam( about the hearing), thats why they dont allowed it. But i reported back that it wasn’t..and they posted it back. But still….

Jet Palacio

True, and in fact.what I have posted at around 1 am was even removed this morning at around 6 am! Kaya pala!

The same story goes on and on and on.

An hour earlier, Maharlika already made a post accusing Facebook Philippines head for public policy Clare Cattleya Amador.

According to Maharlika, Amador gave the instruction to delete any video links associated with the senate inquiry on election fraud to hide the truth from the public.

You can’t blame Maharlika and pro-Duterte social media bloggers after connecting the link of Ms Amador to LP.

Well, let us read the post of another popular pro-Duterte blogger in the person of Sass Rogando Sasot who did an excellent job in researching the employment history of Amador before landing a job as Head for public policy of Facebook Philippines.

Your thoughts?

Source: Maharlika