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Edwin Jamora on American TV show host calling Duterte an ‘absolute lunatic’: “Jimmy Kimmel is an ‘absolute moron and clueless’!”

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

American TV host Jimmy Kimmel is courting alienation from Filipino fans after he made fun of the Barong Tagalog and calling Duterte an absolute lunatic.

Kimmel also poked fun of US President Trump’s visit in the Philippines, which he said was greeted with huge protest, dwarfing the crowd protesting against the US president back home.

Dear Diary,

Absolute moron and clueless this Jimmy Kimmel is! They were fed by who else – fake stories by our local media fed to international media. But of course, Kimmel is anti-Trump!

Americans don’t care about Filipinos let alone study and understand the history why we’re so politically incensed about everything political! 99% of Americans don’t care about politics. Why? Because the government delivers. There’s only very few of them who are rabid into their politics. And the only ones left like Kimmel and the likes read headlines and not the content which is why the brain of this fucktard is empty!

They will never understand Filipinos why we have too much passion in defending our President, our country!

Here are sampling of the comments from Pinoy netizens.

Rowena Luz Togonon says: “Nkakadismaya lng 🙁 kasi dko inakala na mismo sa show nya pinahiya ang ating mahal na pangulo… surely, unfollow ko n yan sa utube…nakakagalit!”

Mark Polintan remarks: “Kimmel you don’t know shit,live in the Philippines for a month instead of fake stories by our local media fed to you are just like Callamard.a Dingbat”

Ginny Lagan writes: “Making fun of a very serious and complex drug issue just to make a buck! Shame on you!”

Jeannia Eda Densing calls Kimmer a loser. “Jimmy Kimmel Live loser democrats will never win in 2020. Suck it up! snowflakes”

Kimiko Masato hopes Pacquiao distances from Kimmel. “hmm i hope manny pacquiao will distance himself from this piece of shit. eat my middle finger jimmy kimmel 😡”

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