Election lawyer Glenn Chong explains how syndicate carries out “pre-shaded operation” in Camarines Sur and beyond!

It’s all over the news! Unused and pre-shaded ballots for Robredo were discovered on day 3 of the manual recount of votes from Camarines Sur, Robredo’s bailiwick.

Fact: The ballots and registered voters sent by the precincts tallied. And the unused ballots tell us that not all registered voters decided to vote on election day.

According to the revisors, unused ballots were found inside the envelopes and deposited in the ballot boxes and cut into two using a scissor.

As per Comelec Resolution 10057 or general instructions to the BEIs, unused Ballots shall be disposed (torn lengthwise and placed in
Envelopes). One half is surrendered to the election officer and placed it inside the envelope and the other half is placed inside the ballot box.

The fact that the unused ballots were torn in two as per Comelec resolution 10057, unused ballots are not fake news according to Atty. Romulo Macalintal.

Up to this point, it is clear Chong argued that these are indeed unused ballots, since the state it was discovered perfectly fit the description as described by the Comelec.

The million dollar question Chong asked: “Why have the unused ballots been pre-shaded with Robredo’s name?”

Chong agreed to a certain extent what Macalintal has been saying – no unused ballots can be counted as a vote for a candidate.

By its very nature, Chong stated that indeed unused ballots don’t carry votes because it has not been used.

However, Chong pointed out, Macalintals’explanation on “unused ballots” is deceiving.

Because when the ballots have been shaded for Robredo even before the election started, this is called pre-shaded ballots and this is cheating.

Atty. Chong explained how Leni Robredo benefited from pre-shading ops…

According to Atty. Chong, majority of the ballots were already pre-shaded in favor Leni Robredo. Some ballots did come clean and blank. “Why?” asked Chong.

It’s like PLAN B, in case the voter will complain about receiving pre-shaded ballots so the clean and blank ballot comes handy for the BEI. Pre-shaded ballot works in two ways: voter who fails to notice the ballot has already been pre-shaded; voter who is passive to complain about it.

Chong said that if the BEI thinks the voter is a pushover, the BEI literally rams down the pre-shaded ballot with Robredo’s name in it to the voter’s throat.

Chong explained that perhaps many voters may have noticed the pre-shaded ballots and complained why the oval beside Robredo’s name has already been pre-shaded and returned the ballot to the BEI.

In a clean election, every voting precinct is provided with extra ballots. So it’s normal to discover extra clean ballots when you open the ballot box.

In Camarines Sur’s case, the ballots have been pre-shaded in favor of Robredo.

When many voters complained about pre-shaded ballots and asked for a new and clean ballots, the BEI ran out of clean ballots. What’s left were pre-shaded ballots.

Since the instruction is to cut unused ballots lengthwise, the BEI was left with no choice but to follow as per instruction of the Comelec and pray that they are not caught.

Chong argued that no matter how you look at it, pre-shaded ballots are a form of cheating.

Voters who don’t complain and accept the pre-shaded ballots were given no option but to accept that the oval beside Robredo’s name has already been pre-shaded for them.

High overvote explained…

And since, erasure is not allowed, Chong quoted Macalintal, in the “beautiful automated election system of Smartmatic,” voters who want to cast their vote other than Robredo, he or she will shade the oval corresponding to his or her VP preference, cancelling out the pre-shaded vote for Robredo.

Mga hindi nagamit na balota sa Camarines Sur, nadiksubreng may SHADE ang pangalan ni VP Leni Robredo.

PANOORIN | Mga hindi nagamit na balota sa Camarines Sur, nadiksubreng may SHADE ang pangalan ni VP Leni Robredo.

Posted by Erwin Tulfo on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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