Ellen Adarna trade barbs with Cebu City Mayor, son Miguel after elder Osmeña issued stern warning to rich “spoiled brats”

The drama started after Mayor Osmeña issued a stern warning to the “spoiled brats” following  road rage shooting involving a member of a rich scion of Cebu.

This is what Mayor Osmeña said to reporters that angered Ellen Adarna: “You are nothing special. No matter who you are, whether you are an Ayala or Henry Sy, I don’t give a shit. If you commit a crime here, I will run after you. Whether you are David Lim, Peter Lim or David Lim Jr., it does not matter to me.”

Actress Ellen Adarna took to Facebook to react on Mayor Osmeña’s warning to Cebu’s “spoiled brats” statement because the actress felt she has been alluded to being a brat too.

“Hahaha! REALLY REALLY REALLY???? WELL WELL WELL… WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE HAHAHAHAHA Throwback feelings when your “BRAT” shot my kabarkadas digi cam, hung it on her gate and threatened us with a text message “the next time this happens the bullet goes through your head” pag sure tomas oi! Dugay kai tong na headline ug balita. Na trauma mi adto kai kuwang kuwang man diay sad na imong “BRAT” (We were traumatized then because of your ‘retarded’ and brat son). Samantha Elise Benitez Arden Fernan Justina Tiffany Lapradez Jeanne Marie Montesclaros Pastrano mmmm whatchu say???? We were only teenagers that time ;( Haahahaaha #brats come out and play! #THROWBACK ok since kai nag viral na diay ni… Dili ni about sa current situation about david lim jr. This is about tomas calling out all the spoiled brats of cebu(na affected ko gamay kai brat ko. Wai magbuot) but i guess nakalimot (means forgot) cya that his son did this to us years ago. BRAT sad iyang anak so ( His son is also a brat)… i think he should talk to him and walk his talk… but basin nag bago nasad to iyang little brat kai people change (perhaps his bratty son has changed because people changed)..but still di gihapon to makalimtan sad iyang gibuhat Period!.. (But, it’s hard to forget what he did) Ahahahahahaa samoka oie hahaahahaahah OOO nara oh! Para mahilom namo. K bye (There you go to silence you).” Source here.

Ellen posted the screencap of the threatening text message allegedly sent by Mayor Osmeña’s son to her friend and the camera with bullet hole.

Mayor Tommy Osmeña’s son, Miguel took to Facebook to respond to Ellen Adarna and answer the allegations. This quite long but, you need to read this to get his side.

“This is Miguel Osmeña. I am writing out of Bea’s account because I do not have a personal Facebook account of my own. I do not enjoy Facebook drama.

But here I am, writing a post 8 years in the making because of Facebook drama. I only do this because my father is being attacked by all the cool kids of Maria Luisa and Ellen Adarna of all people.

They do this in reaction to his statement to all the spoiled brats in Cebu that “you’re nothing special.” Affected much, are we?

The fact that Ellen Adarna is the one making noise should tell you enough. In high school, she was the barkada of David Lim. The other people making noise, like Cris Nelson Bolls Go, are the barkada of David Lim. Samantha Benitez, who accused me of giving her a death threat via shooting her camera and then sending it to her, is the barkada of David Lim.

Is this starting to become clear?

Let’s not stop there. Let’s go over some actual facts:

1 – yes, in 2009, I found Bea passed out in a bar after some of her classmates called me to say her group (including Samantha Benitez and Ellen Adarna) abandoned her there. The same classmates told me a pill was slipped into Bea’s glass. I had to wipe the mud off her before carrying her to my car to bring her to the hospital. She had to go on IV, and it took her 3 hours just to wake up.

2 – yes, I did call Samantha Benitez to ask what happened, and when answered with laughter, called her a worthless piece of shit.

That’s it. No camera was shot, much less delivered. Question lang: if Samantha was so alarmed by this death threat I supposedly sent her, why did she wait until I left back for the U.S. before making it public? The incident happened on a Friday. She went to media on a Tuesday, the day she KNEW I was leaving (because she’s supposed to be Bea’s friend) for my last semester of college. How am I supposed to answer her accusations if I’m gone?

Samantha Benitez, like her barkada, is from a rich affluent family. She cannot claim victimhood like the nurse who was shot by her friend David Lim Jr.

If she was so convinced of my guilt, why did she fail to submit the camera to the NBI for fingerprinting and ballistics tests? I’ve seen pictures of that camera, anyone who’s tried shooting a metal object like a can will tell you that bullets make round holes when going through thin metal objects, not jagged holes. She lives in a subdivision. Where is the guardhouse logbook the police was asking for?

If she was so scared for her life, why did she wait three days for me to leave the country before making the issue public?


I found out about the drama only as I was boarding my connecting flight from Hong Kong. My parents will tell you I wanted to turn back. My father told me to not compromise my grades because I was in the running for summa cum laude. He also told me that if what I was accused of was true, he would terminate his own political career.

It’s on the record. It’s on the very article Cris Go posted, if he were literate enough to read it. (You blocked Bea from your account after she pointed that out. How brave. Are all the cool rich kids afraid of facts?)

My father told the people that if charges were filed, he would go on official leave to show that he wouldn’t exert undue influence on the investigation. He also said that if the case made it to court, he would RESIGN forever.

How many politicians in the Philippines can you say would do that?

I wanted to sue for libel. I have the screenshots of all their posts. My father told me that it didn’t matter if I was the accuser or the accused, if I was involved in a case like that in Cebu City, he would go on leave. He also told me to just focus on my grades.

So I moved on. I finished college, moved back to Cebu, and as you can see from the name in this account, I married Bea, the same girl they left in the mud all those years ago.

We’ve been together for 12 years. She’s studying to become a lawyer now. She runs a business. She is the mother to my child. I am proud to say she is every bit my equal and more. Being her husband is an achievement.

8 years. Still no evidence submitted for an accusation with which I could have sued for libel but chose not to.

Samantha Benitez should continue moving on with her life. I doubt she wanted this whole drama to be dug up again anyway.

Ellen Adarna should just carry on whoring herself to Baste Duterte before her rapidly diminishing shelf life finally expires. Perhaps after revealing that she was once the girlfriend of Peter Lim’s son will she be able to assume the mantle of moral supremacy.

Cris Go and company should stop using an ancient baseless accusation to attack my father just because one of their own shot a nurse because he couldn’t realize that the Lims are already in enough trouble. It’s ironic that while David is lying in a cell by himself, you make all this noise on the Internet to defend him instead of actually visiting him. To his credit, after the incident with Bea, he was the only one to reach out to her. Everyone else, including those of you who called themselves her “best friends,” left her to the wolves. Some of you even became the wolves. It is no exaggeration to say that he’s actually the more decent one among you. That doesn’t say good things about you, does it?

I wouldn’t even have bothered to answer you if I was the only target. But I will not stand to be used as propaganda against my father. He’s fighting so many battles as it is.

This is the last thing I have to say on the matter: We are not poor. But we are not, and never will be, like you.

We are happy. You should try to be too.

The End. Hurot na ko’g laway.

Miguel Osmeña”

Miguel attached a couple of pictures to drive home his point.


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