Encantadia writer slams Inquirer because of this: “#Lenileaks had nothing to do with Vice President Leni Robredo”

Mali! Huwag lituhin at baguhin ang issue, PDI.

This is the nasty remark of Suzette Doctolero, Encantadia writer of GMA 7, in response to the opinion article published at the Philippine Daily Inquirer wherein the author clears VP Robredo of any irregularities.

The PDI writer dismissed the #LeniLeaks as ‘nonstory’ or not newsworthy.

“GFDC botched its privacy settings. There was no leak; GFDC simply let the world see its e-mail archive,” Tan said.

Finally, Tan concluded that Robredo was not involved, although the Loida Lewis’ group suppporter her candidacy.

“#Lenileaks was a small group of older overseas Filipinos—yes, including a billionaire—venting in a YahooGroup. The Vice President was clearly not involved, although they supported her campaign. The e-mails did not discuss violence, sedition or ouster,” Tan argued. [PDI]

Moving forward, Suzette Doctolero has this to say on the PDI article. Read!

Ang lenileaks ay patungkol sa isa sa mga emails na mula sa OVP at may instructions doon para sa kanilang social media team (yes, may binabayaran ang OVP, mula sa pondo nito na galing sa gobyerno at taxes natin) kung paano titirahin at aatakehin ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan na kritiko ni VP Leni. Nakasaad din doon kung paano tatanggalan ng credibility ang pangulo at kung paano pababanguhin si Santa Leni. #Lenileaks

Meanwhile, blogger Sass Rogando Sasot echoed the sentiment of Suzette Doctolero.

Whoever wrote this Opinion article in Inquirer clearly doesn’t know what #LeniLeaks is. The central and most important document in #LeniLeaks is the Social Media Strategy of the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines. The Social Media Strategy of the OVP instructs its supporters to attack bloggers critical of Leni Robredo (Cached copy of the email: https://archive.fo/F8Q1n)

What part of “OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES” has nothing to do with Leni Robredo? Last time I check, she’s still the VP.


Source: Suzette Severo Doctolero, Sass Rogando Sasot

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