Engineer exposes P6 million scam victimizing seamen inside MARINA in viral Facebook post

Duterte says he hates corruption and won’t tolerate even a slight whiff of corruption among his people in government.

Facebook user and seaman Ramon Sanchez Jr. took this by heart and decided to do something about the alleged corruption happening in his backyard.

On February 3, 2018, Sanchez took it upon himself to expose the scandalous corruption in MARINA preying on his fellow seamen.

Sanchez backed up his allegation with videos to show what he called the uniform for rent modus of the syndicates operating inside MARINA.

According to him, MARINA collects P25 to each applicant (seaman) as rent in exchange for the seaman’s uniform.

In the video, the seaman waits for his name to be called and faced the glass window donning the rented uniform. For what purpose? If you own a passport, the idea is the same.

Let us go figure how much MARINA makes in a day by charging P25 for a uniform if they process 1,000 applicants a day.

Multiply 25 to 1000 and that is P25,000 a day. Multiply it by 20 and you will have P500,000 a month. Multiply it again to 12 and you will have P6M a year.

Here’s the catch: MARINA allegedly does not issue receipts.

If you think the crocodiles in MARINA is contented with the “uniform for rent” modus, you’re dead wrong.

According to Sanchez MARINA also sells folder and stamps to applicants. For maximum profit, MARINA recycled the folders and sold it again to new applicants.

And by the way, when a seaman request for (Certificate of Proficiency and Certificate of Competency) the applicant must spend another P25 for a photo.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 23,000 shares, 8,384 reactions and thousand comments on Facebook.

You may watch the videos below.

Posted by Ramon Sanchez Jr. on Friday, February 2, 2018

Posted by Ramon Sanchez Jr. on Friday, February 2, 2018

Update: MARINA has issued a directive to stop the renting of uniforms.

Credits to MARINA.

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