Engineer on a business trip narrates horrifying ordeal with “tanim bala” at NAIA in viral post

A viral post narrating the ordeal in NAIA of an engineer who was targeted by the notorious “tanim bala” modus has been making the rounds online today.

In a straightforward manner, Mr. Job Jacob Ramo, an engineer did his best to give each reader an intimate glimpse of his horrifying ordeal at the hands of the “tanim bala” boys in the country’s premiere airport.

A little bit shaken at the beginning, but his presence of mind by creating a scene in the check-in area to get the attention of other passengers perhaps saved his neck from the “tanim bala” boys in NAIA.

In the end, the would-be victim of “tanim bala” did acknowledge that he was lucky to be traveling to a local destination with work mates who stood by his story that they attended a business meeting in Manila, otherwise, he could have easily succumbed to the intimidation that the “tanim-bala” boys employs to its targets.

In addition, he also credited another crucial move, which is to ask his travel companions to take a video as the alleged shakedown happened with the intention to post it in the social media to generate public sympathy.

You may read the full text of the engineer’s narrative for a better appreciation of his story.

My Laglag Bala Experience: YES IT STILL EXIST.

June 25, 2016 at NAIA T3 departure second Scan area around 0840H

EVENT 1: I entered NAIA T3 and had my bag scanned – NO PROBLEM.

EVENT 2: I want my boarding pass printed as i have already checked-in Online so I looked for an Empty CEBPAC check-in counter and so happen I was near the check-in area for INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT and went on to have it printed but I was referred to the Local counter (Other side) because my flight is for Cebu only. I did a moment stop over in that area as i bring my backpack in one shoulder only. I manage to check-in and went on to the departure 2nd Screening area for bags.

EVENT 3: I had my bag scanned but no one of them touched my bag (before and after) and I am 100% sure of that. The planting of the bullet inside the little zipped pocket in my bag might have happened even before I reached the scanning section, my guess is, it happened in the international check-in area part and they intend to victimize foreigners/OFW who has the money to pay the STUNNING AMOUNT they will soon share.

As they scan it, I was not bothered at all and when they told me they needed to inspect it, I was thinking maybe an excess in liquid for my contact lens solution.

I extracted all my things inside my bag and had it scanned again including my bag and the bullet that was left inside of it.

The personnel asked me if I was HUNTING, the question did not sink in as I was eager to know what object caused this delay. I was eager to get it from the bottom of that little zipped locked pocket and saw a bullet as i pulled out my hands from it and everything seemed to connect about his question.

I had a to make a scene in that area telling them that it was not from me and I have no intention to bring such stuff and that I came from a meeting and I work in a reputable company and my profession is an Engineer. They seem to make it look, we dont really care about ur profession, You have that bullet! in an eye language look. I raged, voice raised as i pointed out how THAT AIRPORT SUCKS. Yes I pointed it out to him that the AIRPORT NAIA is famous for this laglag bala and that our tax and terminal fee is too high for such service. He was in raged when he heard me making such accusations against the airport and took it as if I am referring to him, the employee of the airport being part of the laglag bala event. I have to reiterate that i am NOT referring to the person but to the airport itself. That this event is caused by this airport and to his surprise to my words, He called upon the police and told him that i am accusing the airport to have caused such thing to its passengers and told me we can always look at the CCTV making me feel insecure about my claim. My colleagues were telling me to back and calm down and be careful with the words I say but I am not afraid during that moment. I am not gonna back down, i will fight and I am ready to make it big! Even if we will reach to higher officials and court itself. I was talking to my workmates who took a bit of a video of what happened when the guy told me that i could just hand-in my boarding pass. He then made some notes in his log book stating my name and that I did not bring such bullet to the airport and he let me pack my things up and go ahead with my flight.

Key points: When the event took place i had with me my 4 workmates all saying that we just had a meeting and came from the hotel directly to the airport. They also took a video of the event making these NAIA employees aware that we might bring this over to a social media broadcast.

I was just lucky, I guess, that this event is already known to National level and I have my workmates with me. I was thinking, What if I was alone in that flight?, Would they listen? Would they do such act of just letting me go? or will they bring me to the office and ask me to give the penalty amount. I was lucky I am travelling with a local flight, What if it was international? what if I did not rage? What if I have let them exploit the weakness of a person given that situation and they have the authority to do what they want?

My friends, I hope I would be the last. I hope change will truly come and justice can be given to those who were victimized by these people & the laglag bala gang.

My Laglag Bala Experience: YES IT STILL EXIST.
June 25, 2016 at NAIA T3 departure second Scan area around 0840H

My friends, I hope I would be the last. I hope change will truly come and justice can be given to those who were victimized by these people " the laglag bala gang"

Posted by Job Jacob Ramo on Friday, June 24, 2016

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