“There is enough evidence to file against de Lima for possible violation of Republic Act 9165!” –Ping Lacson

If this is from Ping, there must be something!

Well, the former top cop and now senator of the republic has spoken on the testimony of the Bilibid prisoners against de Lima and here’s what he has to say on the matter.

After perusing the affidavits of the witnesses of DOJ, Lacson is convinced there is enough evidence that warrants a case against de Lima for probable violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 aka Republic Act No. 9165.

On Herbert Colangco, Ragos, Ablen and Rodolfo Magleo…

I took special notice of the narrations of (National Bureau of Investigation) agent Jovencio Ablen Jr. and his superior while detailed at the NBP (New Bilibid Prison), deputy director Rafael Ragos, not to mention those of Colangco, Magleo and the other high-profile inmates.

The bombshell…

My own assessment of the evidentiary value of those affidavits, and I could fairly conclude, based on some verified and verifiable facts, that those allegations are credible enough to get past the probable cause requirement to file a criminal information in any court of law.

Let us check out how the netizens react on Lacson’s statement…

A netizen identified by the handle wawa2172 says:

Not a fan of Ping but he is right about the strong evidence against De Lima on drug trade at NBP: She is very involved and she benefited from it.

The Ador Mawanay lies was thrown against Ping then and it has a semblance of Matobato lies against Mayor Digong. Both witnesses were De Lima’s player and she coaches them.

De Lima was not fair as chairman of the justice committee and she was fired for being such.

John Puruntong says:

Nakakahiya ka talaga, Delima!! Talagang drug protector ka kaya mo ipinangalan agad ang senate hearing as extrajudicial hearing, gusto mong ipatigil ang antidrug campaign. My advice delima, just do the honorable thing -just commit suicide

John says:

The best option right now is to file a case vs Sen. Bilibid De5 and later put her behind bars!

Meanwhile, there are still who believes in de Lima…

otoling says:

Tignan at abangan ninyo! Malaking-malaki ang tiwala ko na si Duterte at ang kampo ng sampong Senador ay walang ebidensya sa kay Delima.
Rediculous. Napaka-imposibleng gamitin ng matino at matalinong tao (tulad ni DeLima), ang Bilibid para gumawa ng salapi. Alam niyang never at hinde pagka-katiwalaan ang mga tao sa loob ng mga Bilibid including all the Bilibid employees. Ilang beses na ba naku-kuryrente yan si Aguirre.

Mare says:

Those 16 senators led by Lacson, Cayetano, and Pimentel said Sen. De Lima was not neutral in handling the Senate Justice Committee hearing. But Presidential legal adviser Salvador Panelo, for his part, said “Senate majority members who removed De Lima as committee chair were merely stopping her from further besmirching the name of the President.” The true reason behind the ouster of Sen. De Lima has already come out from the horse’s mouth – i.e, the senators were protecting the President. All bunch of puppets you 16 Senators! Sayang ka Lacson! Kawawang Pilipinas…tsk, tsk…

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Source: Philstar


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