Epic! BBM-Sara supporters in Leyte buck flood brought by Typhoon Agaton to campaign for BBM-Sara tandem in viral video

A 29-second video showing a group of boys singing Andrew E’s catchy campaign jingle of the BBM-Sara tandem is going viral lately.

The amateur video was uploaded by a certain Randy Riños Mandin at 6:51 AM today, April 12, 2022 and has since gathered 16,000+ reactions, 387 comments and 270,000 views and counting.

In the video, a group of 6 boys can be seen wading the flooded street while singing the very popular Andrew E campaign rap jingle for BBM-Sara tandem.

One teenage boy can be seen banging an improvised drum made of wooden box with his slipper as the drum stick to the beat of Andrew E’s campaign jingle while his companions were rapping to their heart’s content.

Two boys can also be seen, if I am not mistaken, holding BBM-Sara tarp above water as they negotiated the flooded street in their town.

The uploader can be heard chanting “Marcos, Marcos” as the boys passed by his house.

According to commenters, the video was taken in Abuyog, Leyte on the same day when typhoon Agaton wreaked havoc in Leyte, particularly in Baybay and Abuyog Leyte.

Netizens who found the video can’t help but praised the Filipinos resilience.

Netizen #1 said that Pinoys are indeed a different breed. In the midst of calamity, we find ways to have fun.

Iba talaga ang pinoy.. kahit sa panahon ng kalamidad nakukuha parin maging masaya…BBM-SARA 💚❤️💚💚

Netizen #2 said this is typical Pinoy as if telling Agaton you are just a typhoon and we are Pinoy.

Typical Filipino. Bagyo ka lang, Pilipino kami. We can laugh even in tough times.

Netizen #3 said that’s Bisaya. They don’t ask for the president when calamity struck.

Mao nay mga bisaya. Dili mangita kung asa na ang Presidente kung naay kalamidad.


Source: Randy Riños Mandin

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