Epic: De Lima’s attempt to attack Duterte using his SONA speech on human rights “backfires”

A video clip showing de Lima twisting Duterte’s words on human rights to attack him but getting the opposite result is going viral online.

The page VoVph dug combed the internet so to speak to unearth the old videos wherein de Lima’s lies and deception has been brought to the light of the day.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 770K and counting and shared on Facebook by netizens more than 12,700 times and counting.

Check out the transcript of the video below.

De Lima:

Papaniwalaan natin ang ating mahal na Pangulo,nung sinabi nya nung sa SONA siguro yun, “Human rights is a weapon of mass destruction because it can be used to destroy our nation.” “Human rights destroying our nation?” de Lima asked. “Saan nanggaling yun? Is this still our planet?

However, based on the video clip of Duterte’s SONA, this is not what Duterte said about “human rights” as de Lima alleged.

But human rights cannot be used as a shield or an excuse to destroy the country.

The next video clip showed de Lima telling the woman reporter that she was generally satisfied by Duterte’s SONA when her opinion was elicited.

The lady reporter quoted Duterte’s line on “human rights” to avoid de Lima getting the question all mixed up.

Wala naman syang sinabi, because he mentioned that I think three times in his speech. The first time he mentions that is human right should be for the purpose of uplifting human dignity but not as an excuse for? you know but ah, ang…ang…basically with respect to, you know in upholding human dignity of course…but human dignity for everyone. Because human rights is universal. Human rights is for everyone.

Here’s de Lima’s take on Duterte’s speech especially on the human rights part!

Wala naman akong nakitang intrinsically wrong. In fact tama naman yung sinabi nya to uphold the human dignity but at the same time, of course, human rights is actually for everyone.

The video clip pans back to de Lima’s speech attacking Duterte. Here we go…

Human rights is a weapon of mass destruction because it can be used to destroy our nation. “Human rights destroying our nation?” de Lima asked. “Saan nanggaling yun? “E di wow,” de Lima exclaimed!

De Lima vs De Lima Eh Di Wow Edition!

Posted by VOVph on Friday, October 7, 2016

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