Erap on wolf whistling controversy involving President-elect Duterte: “HE’S JUST trying to be funny!”

During the campaign period, Mayor Estrada made a disparaging remark against then Mayor Duterte by saying that the latter is only good as a city Mayor.

In an interview with the Philippine Star, Mayor Estrada was quoted as saying:

I think he is just for local (politics) where he can bully his constituencies. It’s really different in national politics.

Furthermore, Mayor Estrada took a swipe at Mayor Duterte’s macho and tough-talking persona reminiscent of the former and said:

If you are running for president, you should have finesse. He is just copying me but I have finesse.

Understandably, Mayor Erap issued the remark to downplay Mayor Duterte’s chances who was leading the surveys by a wide margin since the former was rooting for his pal, VP Binay of Makati.

However, as President-elect Duterte made history by winning with the largest margin in local election history, a sudden shift in Mayor Estrada’s tone can be observed based on his latest talks to reporters.

In light of the wolf whistling controversy surrounding President-elect Duterte and a GMA News reporter Mariz Umali and the criticisms following it, Mayor Estrada, in a surprising move, ran to the rescue of the former.

HE’S JUST trying to be funny.

In an article posted by Philippine Daily Inquirer, Estrada says he does not think Duterte is an immutable creature from the gutter.

The Mayor of Manila based his statement on the pronouncements of President-elect Duterte that he will be a different man once he assumes the Presidency.

According to him, he will be different once he sits as President, so we’ll see.

Meanwhile, Mayor Estrada told the PDI reporter that he sees similarities between him and President-elect Duterte.

To start, both of them were long-time local executives before running for President and won.

Erap added that he also went all-out against criminality and clean up San Juan and restored peace and order.

He added, he is also for the restoration of the death penalty, but he disagrees with Duterte’s method of hanging criminals.

Both of them, Erap asserts their “rapport with the masses” is another similarity.

And finally, Mayor Estrada promised to stamp out the drug menace in his city.

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Source: PDI


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