Ex-congressman earns ire of social media after calling Duterte supporters “stupid” and “political addicts”

Former party-list representative Walden Bello is a respected yet controversial professor, who used to teach sociology in UP Diliman has once again created a buzz online.

On August 26, Representative Bello posted something on Facebook that reads,

I’ve been waiting…

Been waiting for someone worth tangling with. Not only can’t you get these folks to debate logically, but they’re frothing so much their spittle gets to you across cyberspace and across the eons. Yuk. They’re so intense and uptight and absolutely humorless. God, I’d hate to be married to any one of them. You wouldn’t get halfway decent sex from these folks…Oh yes, sorry, tinutukoy ko yung mga T-Rexes of the Jurassic era, talagang bloodthirsty pero small d!cks and even smaller brains, in fact so small they have to think with their d!cks.

The post got the attention of netizens who wasted no time in giving the former professor and ex-congressman a dose of his medicine on his own thread.

The most articulate reaction came from netizen Lorraine Marie T. Badoy who wrote this:

In case you still think trash talk comes solely from the Duterte camp.

And from a former congressman no less. (Not that I expect much from them. They’re just better at holding in their phoniness and are more adept at claims to loftiness as this dude is. So he ran for Senator but lost. We dodged a bullet. That’s for sure.)

And because psychology interests me, I think it fascinating that he talks about small d!cks incessantly here.

Out of millions of metaphors he could choose, he chose ‘small d!cks’. And how “you couldn’t get halfway decent s$x” because of these ‘small d!cks’.

I think Walden Bello just announced to one and all the size of his d!ck and just how dismal his s&x life is.

I dunno. That’s what some of the greatest minds of psychology would say.

From Carl Jung, “A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections upon his neighbour.

Undeterred by the criticism and hate generated from his previous post, ex-Congressman Walden Bello made another post, instead of showing signs of humility after the slugfest with social media, he upped the ante and called the Duterte supporters “stupid” and “political addicts”.

Dr. Antonio Contreras admonished Walden Bello on his Facebook post recently.

Using Bello’s line of argument in calling the Duterte supporters “political addicts”, Dr. Contreras responded on behalf of the Duterte supporters and send Walden Bello crashing back to earth, perching at his ivory tower:

I voted for Walden Bello, and respect him as an academic.

But on this one, I will have to call him out. And others like him who are also in academe, who think that only elites can afford to behave like fanatics and stupid, but without being medicalized as political addicts infected with some plague that need radical therapy and rehabilitation. We see them — sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, psychologists some of whom are proponents of Sikolohiyang Pilipino, development scholars who even are at the forefront of social activism — who simply could not locate themselves with their hatred towards Marcos, Martial Law and Duterte in the same category of being addicted to a perspective, an incurable follower of one particular reading of history, one that is infected too by a particular pathological malady.

Still, #NoPlaceForHypocrisy

Please feel free to comment below and let Walden Bello know your sentiment.

Source: Lorraine Badoy & Dr. Antonio Contreras


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