Ex-DLSU prof on Yorme Isko’s video picking up trash – sign of poor leadership & management skills, all in the name of show business

Ex-DLSu History professor Van Ybiernas has joined netizens in sharing his two cents worth on Yorme Isko Moreno’s video circulating on Twitter first and then on Facebook.

Without holding his punches, Ybiernas said Yorme’s personally rolling up his sleeves to pick the litters left by his constituents says a lot about his leadership and management skills.

“It’s a poor sign of leadership and management abilities if the top dog himself, say the mayor of a city, is the one doing menial jobs.”

Ybiernas clarified that this line of thinking isn’t elitist.

“Hindi yan elitismo.”

Ybiernas went on to elaborate why.

“The top dog is a planner, a strategist, an implementor or executive, and a manager.”

“The top dog is not a blue collar worker,” Ybiernas added.

Yorme Isko doing menial job means resources are not being used efficiently, Ybiernas stated.

“Resources are not being used efficiently here. Resources are being wasted.”

Ybiernas ended the brief FB reaction post by calling Yorme’s stunt what it really was.

“All in the name of show business.”

A netizen shared a saying from Confucius to explain what Ybiernas was trying to say. “the emperor dont act like a peasant, the peasant dont act like an emperor..

“Poor leadership talaga – ung sya ung mayor nagdadakot ng basura, tapos ang daming tao nakapaligid na nakatingin sa kanya – mukha syang tanga tapos pinipictyuran pa😳😳😳. Gago🙄🙄🙄 agreed a netizen.

“Kaya lang naman nya ginawa kasi may camera. A Mayor should do administrative work,” commented another netizen.

“nagpapa sweldo ng mga tao para gumawa ng trabaho pero ikaw ang gagawa para yung binayaran mo videohan o picturan ka, isang malaking katarantaduhan,” stupidity it is said another netizen.

Meanwhile, this netizen defended Yorme’s action. “It’s a habit. Since he grew up in the dumpster. Maybe he is trying also show people to be sensitive of their surroundings. Fun fact: majority of Filipinos just throw trash anywhere.”

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Source: Van Ybiernas

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