Ex-DLSU prof slams Risa Hontiveros for questioning Duterte gov’t decision not to use Pfiz*r vaccine in provinces. Read why!

In case you missed it, Senator Risa Hontiveros questioned the government’s decision to limit the use of Pfizer vaccine in NCR and megacities and not in the provinces. [Manila Bulletin]

Senator Hontiveros’ stance on the issue merited an FB rant from ex-DLSU professor and now a visiting professor in a South Korean University Van Ybiernas.

In a Facebook post, Ybiernas called Hontiveros “bugok” or stupid for making such statement.

“Sabi ng bugok na si Hontiveros bakit daw hindi paabutin ng gobyerno ang Pfizer vaccine sa mga rural areas. Hahaha.”

Ybiernas explained that making the Pfizer vaccine available in the provinces poses a huge problem to the government.

“E may problema nga po, kanyang kabugukan, sa storage facility. Hahaha.”

“Gusto nya gastusan ng gobyerno,” Ybiernas added.

Ybiernas clearly stated the dilemma of the Duterte government, in the event it caves in to the demands of the likes of Senator Hontiveros.

“Pero kapag ginastusan naman ng gobyerno babanat naman ang mga kasama nyang kasing bugok nya na bakit anlaki ng ginastos dyan, aksaya ng pera yan e pwede naman na AstraZeneca na lang ang gamitin sa probinsya kasi mas mura na at mas madali pa ang storage requirements.”

Ybiernas punctuated the brief FB rant by loudly expressing what he thinks is the dumbest thing any Philippine government can do in the midst of the noise manufactured by the likes of Hontiveros.

“Ang pinakabobong magagawa ng kahit aling gobyerno ay ang makinig sa mga bugok na kagaya ni Hontiveros…”

One netizen commented that Hontiveros is creating noise in aid of re-election. “Kumukuha yan ng simpatiya at malapit na ang 2022😅

This netizen agrees with the observation of Ybiernas, saying that the government is forced to choose between the devil and deep blue sea.

Another netizen said it best to describe the critics of the Duterte administration. “They find problem for every solution.”

Sabi ng bugok na si Hontiveros bakit daw hindi paabutin ng gobyerno ang Pfizer vaccine sa mga rural areas. Hahaha. E…

Posted by Van Ybiernas on Thursday, January 14, 2021


Source: Van Ybiernas

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