Ex-DLSU prof warns Opposition, “If you think Gongdi is tough, wait for Sara. Hahaha”

President Rodrigo Duterte has earned the reputation and even the nickname of a “STRONGMAN” not just because he talk tough against criminals, to the Oligarchs and most of all, even against foreign leaders.

However, ex-DLSU professor Van Ybiernas has another bad news for the Duterte critics.

“If you think Gongdi is tough, wait for Sara. Hahaha,” Ybiernas warned.

Ybiernas clarified he is not from Davao but his gut feeling can smell Sara from where he is at, in South Korea.

“Hindi ako taga Davao but I can see it from where I am.”

Ybiernas described Sara of possessing the same toughness like President Duterte but more fierce.

“She has the same toughness. Baka nga she’s more fierce pa kasi age has probably mellowed Gongdi a bit.”

“But she’s more refined,” Ybiernas said of the presidential daughter.

“She’s younger. She has more energy,” Ybiernas added.

Ybiernas remarked that Sara, if she runs for President and win, she has the advantage of starting her term in a clean slate, free from any debt of gratitude from politicians, unlike her father.

“She has the benefit of following the path laid out for her by her father. Meaning wala siya ng mga utang na loob na meron ang tatay nya sa mga pulitiko.”

Ybiernas cited another positive that makes Sara Duterte a potent force in the 2022 presidential derby.

“Puta, napakaganda pa!”

Ybiernas reiterated his warning to the Opposition about Sara Duterte the better version of Digong 1.0.

“If Gongdi is version 1.0 Sara is the upgraded model with all the bells and whistles.”

Finally, Ybiernas ended the FB post with one more bad news to the Dilawans.

“Babae pa! Paano na ang misogyny narrative? Hahaha”

Ybiernas’ FB post attracted like-minded netizens and shared their opinions to add to Ybiernas analysis.

“Basag lahat nang naratibo.Maganda. (Tisay!) Eloquent! BABAE! Game over,” said one netizen.

“I can attest to this. I was in Davao working from 2018 to 2020. Going back and forth from Manila to Davao..until the pandemic lock down Hindi na ako nakabalik.. Davaoenos are afraid of her and respect her so much,” shared her own personal experience with Sara’s toughness.

“Mas nakakatakot si inday kaysa tatay niya been living in davao for three years.. siya ang refined version ng tatay niya pero mas mabagsik.. kaya siguro natatakot mga kalaban niya..😂😂😂 testified another Davao resident.

And another… “True sir, I can attest the toughness, and we Dabawenyos just followed the rules here. Basta si Mayora kurog mi, pero c PDuts, soft yan. 💪#DaughterTe


Source: Van Ybiernas

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