Ex-La Salle Professor bares hard truths re Robredo low ratings in Pulse Asia survey, not ‘fake news’ as VP camp claims

Well, the VP camp blamed Robredo’s low ratings in the September Pulse Asia survey to ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’ as the culprit.

Hmmm. If you asks netizen Anna Malindog-Uy, this is not true.

According to Ms. Anna, if one decides to run a tally of all the demolition propaganda thrown at Duterte, both locally and internationally, some of them were even perpetrated by some mainstream media outlets, Duterte is the runaway winner.

‘No Madam Leni. It’s not fake news or disinformation or misinformation per se yung reason/explanation why you have such a relatively low trust ratings coz kung susumahin mas maraming demolition propaganda and disinformation or misinformation thrown at Digong and his administration both locally and internationally, and some of them are even perpetuated by some mainstream media outlets.’

Ms. Anna remarked everyone in the country and even abroad have noted the demolition job by some mainstream media outlets against Duterte.

‘Everyone in this country and even beyond our borders know and have observed that.’

Ms. Anna told Robredo to back to the drawing board, review her trust and performance ratings since Day 1 she assumed office until the latest survey to see if she made any major improvements because as far as she is concerned, there’s none.

‘I guess you and your camp madam need to realize and probably review your trust/performance ratings from the time you assumed office until this last survey of Pulse Asia and see for yourself if there’s a major improvement or not, because, from the looks of it, there’s none. Pretty much consistent, relatively low, not even beyond the 50% mark most often than not.’

Ms. Anna remarked that perhaps by listening to her advice, the VP camp might come to a realization what area or areas she has been failing or lacking that produces consistently low trust ratings.

‘Maybe by doing so, your camp might have a realization where you are failing and what’s the reason behind such consistently relatively low trust ratings.’

Ms. Anna wrote that being defensive will do more harm than good and paints Robredo a sour grape. Vanity she said is unforgivable in politics.

‘Being defensive about it won’t do you any good, rather it only paints you as a “sour graping” politician. Take note, one of the unforgivable sins in politics is VANITY.’

Ms. Anna argued trust ratings are not dependent on popularity like having media coverage 24/7 and always making comments on every issue.

‘You know what folks, trust ratings are NOT necessarily dependent per se on popularity, if you’re media coverage is always up there, and if you have a say on all possible issues thus far.’

Neither trust rating is all about political packaging but deep understanding of the pulse of the people and act based on what tickles the public.

‘It’s NOT necessarily all about political packaging. Rather, trust ratings are like seeing through the eyes of the people and seeing what they like and dislike about a leader.’

Ms. Anna said something that should make Robredo worried in light of her poor trust ratings as per latest Pulse Asia survey.

‘Trust ratings especially in the time of a pandemic also tell us what people are looking for in a leader, and if they can depend on a leader or not, not so much based on talks and “kuda kuda” but ACTION.’

Ms. Anna ended the FB post by telling Robredo that action is what matters to Filipinos as reflected in the Pulse Asia survey and all talk without action is meaningless.

‘And I guess, pretty much, that’s what matters to all Filipinos, more specifically to the 91% of Filipinos who continue to trust the leadership of PRRD. Ganern yan! Kaloka itong camp ni Madam Leni oi.’


Source: Anna Malindog-Uy 

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