“Expel Sarah Elago now from Congress” movement starts to gain support on Facebook. What do you think?

A call to expel Kabataan Party-list Representative Sarah Elago from Congress on Facebook is picking up momentum after a good number of netizens seems to buy the idea if the number of engagement is the barometer.

Netizen Dan Jimenez was the first to make the call for Sarah Elago’s expulsion from Congress for promoting her leftist advocacies and alleged involvement in recruiting students to join the outlawed CPP-NDF-NPA movement despite her government position as a Congresswoman who has sworn duty to protect and defend the Philippine Constitution .

Jimenez FB post did not gain much traction on Facebook until another netizen blogger named Adolfo Mortera picked up where Jimenez left off.

Mortera reposted Jimenez’s FB post and in less than 12 hours, netizens started talking about Jimenez proposal. In fact, Mortera’s FB post has gained 484 shares and counting.

How to go about Sarah Elago’s expulsion? Jimenez explained everything in the FB post.

You may start reading the FB post below.

by Dan Jimenez

She is a member of the Philippine Congress. She swore to protect and defend the Philippine Constitution yet continues to advocate the communist ideology and actively recruits the youth to join the outlawed terrorist NPA/CPP/NDF.

A sitting member of Congress can be removed by two thirds of its membership. Are there any patriotic and nationalistic Congressmen left who will initiate the expulsion of this communist?

How much longer will the supposed representatives of the people turn a blind eye and be deaf to the cries of parents and families whose children have just vanished only to surface as casualties of the communists’ lies and manipulation? How many more deaths will it take before Cayetano and his Congress get rid of the snake within their ranks? Have Congress lost the essence of democracy and their sworn duty to serve and protect the people?

Elago is a pest, a cockroach. She does not deserve to be in Congress.


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