“Experience Cebu Pacific flight 5J 575!” CebuPac passengers receive “free sauna” while waiting for plane to take off

The explosion of budget airlines makes traveling a pleasurable experience.

However, because of cost-cutting measures airline companies enforce to make airfares competitive, there are hiccups that passengers encounter from time to time.

The latest Facebook post about the hellish encounter of one budget airline passenger demonstrates the downside of this phenomenon.

“Babies are crying, old people are complaining and there’s a woman got suffocated and now she has oxygen on because she can’t breathe.”

No. This is not lifted from the scene of a blockbuster suspense thriller movie, but how a Cebu Pacific flight 5J 575 bound for Cebu passenger Gin Durano described the scene after her flight was delayed yesterday, Friday in NAIA.

“We’ve been here for more than an hour inside the plane,” wrote Durano when posting the video on Facebook.

“F***** damn hot!” Durano cussed.

Durano cussed some more at Cebu Pacific: “They didn’t even do anything until the woman pass out. F***** you Cebu pacific!”

Netizen Stephen Mcneill couldn’t help but poke fun at the warm reception accorded by Cebu Pacific to its patrons.“Good air conditioning.”

Rufela Junio Dandan says in jest: “Free sauna dai… tsk!”

The conversation between the uploader and her friend revealed that the flight was delayed and worse, the air conditioning system didn’t work, making the passenger’s condition miserable.

When a netizen asked Gin why there was no air conditioning, she said the crew did not open the plane’s air conditioning system. They did open the air con only after changing planes. She said it was so hot since the plane was already in the runway, ready for take off.

The post has gathered 9,458 shares, 2,845 reactions and 9 comments as of this writing.

Check out the videos below.

In the video, a voice can be heard asking a Cebu Pacific attendant to open the windows but instead of a favorable response, a female voice told the passengers to remain seated.

Posted by Gin Durano on Friday, June 16, 2017

In the video below, passengers can be heard pleading to the Cebu Pacific staffs to open the door while a female passenger was overheard saying about fear of dying because of the heat. Moments later, a female voice was asking passengers if there was a doctor or someone with medical training on board, obviously to respond to a medical emergency.

Posted by Gin Durano on Friday, June 16, 2017

Passengers going back to manual mode to battle the heat.

Posted by Gin Durano on Friday, June 16, 2017

Proof that Filipinos can still find the reason to smile in the midst of hellish condition.

Credits to Gin Durano

Free sauna anyone? Visit your Cebu Pacific tikcet office now and get the chance to win a free sauna on board when you get lucky!

Credits to Gin Durano

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