Experienced PGH doctor rejects Callamard, Dr. Hart’s claim “no evidence that shabu caused brain damage”

On Twitter, Dr. Agnes Callamard posted a series of tweets, sparking a huge controversy that the social media people have been debating until today.

Quoting Prof. Carl Hart, Callamard tweeted: “Prof Carl Hart: there is no evidence Shabu leads to violence or causes brain damage #Philippines drug policy forum.”

In the next tweet, Callamard again quoting Prof. Hart tweeted: “Prof Carl Hart: Drug effects are exaggerated because it benefits scientists, not just police #Philippines drug policy forum.”

Callamards tweet has been met with ridicule and head scratching by netizens on social media.

Meanwhile, an experienced doctor who’ve seen it all in the hospital as the head of ER department of the PGH took to twitter rejecting Prof. Carl Hart’s claim.

“I disagree. I headed PGH ER for years. Cases of psychosis associated with Shabu. I guess Prof Hart has no actual experience.”

One netizen with the Twitter handle Wen asked Dr. Herbosa for clarification if shabu = psychosis. He also asked if the good doctor could send him the link of the study that supports his claim.

“Clarification: psychosis associated with shabu. But does shabu = psychosis, or is it merely correlated? Any studies you can link?”

Dr. Herbosa obliged and gave Wen a link to the study for his perusal. Read it here.

SocMed blogger Edwin Jamora commented on Facebook that he would rather listen to the likes of Dr. Herbosa, whose experience of medical practice gives them to speak such subject with authority.

“We don’t listen to quack doctors. We listen to real doctors like Dr. Ted Herbosa. He has experience and the right to say a word. That Callamard is a wanna-be with zero experience. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zit. Zilch! Her “Dr.” title is PhD in Political Science and she will lecture us on drugs?! Puh-leeze!”

Your thoughts, please!

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