Exposé of rampant corruption among ICC judges (bribing witnesses) strengthen netizens belief Duterte did the right thing after all

If the allegations of bribery against an ICC judge was true, then Duterte was right after all to sever ties with the ICC.

The allegation of bribery can be found in the article written by Kenyan journalist Jessica A. Badebye of the London Evening Post published in July 3, 2016.

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According to London Evening Post, Argentinian-born ICC President Judge Silvia Alejandra Fernandez de Gurmendi allegedly received $17M to her bank accounts in the Virgin Islands, The Bahamas and Israel during the time when Sudanese leader Al-Bashir was under investigation by the ICC for crime against humanity.

The money was sent to the bank accounts mentioned above using four different offshore companies namely: Barting Holding Ltd, Atlantic Corporation, Genesis International Holdings and Napex International.

The Sudanese leader Omar Al-Bashir was allegedly indicted by bribing, coaching witnesses and manufacturing of evidences.

The London Evening Post said Gurmendi used the money “to ‘recruit, coach and fake evidence and witnesses to testify against President Bashir’.” (Jessica A Badebye, 2016)

Where did money come from?

Well, the London Evening said that the money came Darfur including the Sudan Liberation Movement, formerly the Darfur Liberation Front founded by Abdul Wahid al Nur and others in 2002.

The bribery allegation scandalized ICC so much so that Pan African Forum Chief Dr David Nyekorach Matsanga called upon Judge de Gurmendi to step down as ICC President.

Matsanga said that the indictment against President Bashir appears to have been achieved by bribing senior ICC officials, thus raising a lot of red flags in the Bashir indictment.

“We thought ICC was created to catch dictators in Africa but instead its witch hunting,” Matsanga added.

Matsanga alleged that former ICC chief prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo was former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan’s personal choice to carry out, in the words of Matsanga, “Anan’s plan to molest Africa”.

Matsanga observed that probe on African cases at the ICC in The Hague has been deliberately displayed in the global stage.

Matsanga said the evidence he gathered and submitted to ICC showed Ocampo’s hand in the Bashir case.

In addition, Matsanga alleged Ocampo singled out African countries like Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya and Egypt in ICC probes.

In light of corruption allegations against the ICC president and prosecutors, netizens remarked that Duterte made the right decision to withdraw the Philippines from the ICC.

MJ De Manuel said, “Why believe and follow or heed to ICC’s call then? When their own leader is committing a crime! Just right for Phil Pres Duterte to withdraw membership from this organisation. Won’t be surprised if others would follow too.” Kate Didd echoed Manuel’s comment. “In this case PRRD made the right decision to withdraw form ICC. If such institution can coax fake witnesses and provided fake evidences to convict a Sudanese President, chances mare the ICC can and will do it to Philippines 🇵🇭 president.

Meanwhile, netizen Anabelle Rodriguez couldn’t help but ask if Duterte’s a victim of a sinister plot. “How much did Fatouh Bensouda get from Dilawans, LP, Loida Lewis, Soros? Django Jordan echoed the sentiment of netizen Rodriguez. Atty. Paula, this is a stunning revelation. The way ICC Prosecutor acted upon in a short span was highly dubious. For sure money from Loida made it to the inner syndicates of ICC.”

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Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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