Facebook interaction between MWSS chief & former employee inadvertently reveals real reason behind water shortage!

Various conspiracy theories regarding the Metro Manila water crisis have mushroomed lately on social media.

But the latest, certainly tops the one espoused by yellow blogger Tonyo Cruz, if judging by the thousands of shares it gathered on Facebook.

If you haven’t got a clue unless you have already read it from a friend, well, I am talking about the interesting revelation made by a former MWSS employee and currently Manila Water employee while interacting with the current MWSS Chief Patrick Ty.

So here’s what happened according to my research.

On Tuesday, MWSS Chief Patrick Ty addressed the public on Facebook, explaining the water crisis in Metro Manila.

According to Ty, this year’s water shortage was due to the law of supply and demand.

Manila Water is allocated 1600 mld (million liters of water per day) since 1997 while the demand this year is 1,750 million liters per day. Meanwhile, Maynila is allocated 2,400 mld.

In other words, Ty, blamed the increased demand and low supply in the water crisis this year.

Ty’s post did not make any noise until a certain Angel Salazar commented on Ty’s FB thread and talked about the bypass valve that should be reopened to end the water shortage.

It was at this juncture, Patrick Ty joined the conversation dismissed Salazar’s allegation as untrue and called him ‘misinformed’.

Salazar’s comment about the valve opened the floodgates basically that burst the dam, este started the ball rolling so to speak.

Other netizens, apparently intrigued by Salazar’s comment, egged on Salazar to expound his revelation. To which, Salazar happily obliged.

Salazar said that the MWSS board headed by Ty ordered the closure of the bypass valve, that led to the disappearance of La Mesa Dam’s water reserve.

As to the reason why MWSS ordered the closure of the bypass valve, Salazar refused to name names.

If you think Salazar will stop after Ty called him misinformed, you’re dead wrong.

Salazar continued and talked some more regarding the intricacies between Maynilad, Manila Water, MWSS and the bypass valve.

Apparently annoyed by Salazar’s allegation, Ty made a sarcastic comment thanking Salazar for the enlightening posts.

Salazar retaliated by taking a swipe at government officials (apparently MWSS) whom he accused of lacking the dedication to their jobs, thus failing to prevent the water shortage crisis.

Anyway, as of this writing, Patrick Ty’s FB post has been deleted, perhap embarrassed that he ended the humiliation by taking the post down.

Unfortunately, Facebook netizen Myles Jamito screen captured everything and reposted it on Facebook. And the rest they is history!

Jamito’s post has been the hottest topic on Facebook, getting more than 60,000 shares, 27,000 reactions and 7,000 comments and counting.

If you are wondering whether Angel Salazar was telling the truth or not re bypass valve, consider the statement made by the MWSS officials to the Inquirer here, it is not far-fetched that he or she was not making the story up.

This is also the consensus reached by Facebook netizens after PRRD ordered the MWSS to demand from Maynilad to release more water for Manila Water.

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