Facebook post dares SolGen Calida critics: “Dali, ipakulong natin si Calida for getting excess allowances. Idamay natin si Florin Hilbay!”

As criticism mounts against SolGen Jose Calida for receiving excess allowances that runs into millions, social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu dares critics to join her in sending the SolGen to prison. However, there is a catch.

Chu also wants critics to send Calida’s predecessor Florin Hilbay to prison, whom she said is equally guilty as Calida.

Dali, ipakulong natin si Calida for getting excess allowances. Idamay na natin si Florin Hilbay, his predecessor, who also got excess allowances.

“Solicitor General Jose Calida and his predecessor, Florin Hilbay, received millions of pesos in “excess” allowances in 2016, according to a Commission on Audit (COA) report on government agencies.

Chu cited the COA report which reported Calida’s excess allowances and also that of Hilbay.

The COA report said that Calida’s excess allowances from July to December 2016 totaled P1.123 million, while Hilbay’s excess allowances from January to June 2016 reached P4.6 million.”

Chu lamented that the critics are hitting Calida in retaliation of what happened to Sereno.

Chu said critics tried to use the security guard agency issue against Calida and when they realized it’s not working, they thought the excess allowance issue may work.

Chu remarked that critics have the gall to use this card when Hilbay was equally guilty of this.

O DI BA? They’re so intent on avenging Sereno’s removal that they’re throwing everything on Calida. Di gumagana yung security guard agency issue, ito naman. HINDI NAMAN KAYO NAHIYA THAT YOU USE THIS WHEN HILBAY WAS ALSO GUILTY OF THIS?

In another Facebook post, Chu took a swipe at Liberal Party peeps in a short open letter reiterated that Hilbay whom as per COA report received more than P4 million during his stint as Pnoy’s SolGen.

In addition, Chu told critics that the allowance were given, not stolen which she said are two different things, just like what they did to Philhealth and DOH funds.

Chu couldn’t help but asked critics what to make of their action, “selective outrage or unli calls” to make Calida resign?

Chu asked critics who needs to get investigated aside from the receiver.

Chu ended the post by telling critics that Calida is deserving of what he is getting and if she had her way, she would have given Calida P10 million bonus for kicking out Sereno from the Supreme Court.

Hi, Liberal Party of the Philippines. Question: Hilbay also got an excess of 4 million during his time. I mean, 4 million in a span of four months. Di ko na ni research yung ibang months kasi knowing y’all dirty asses, aabutin ako ng siyam siyam kung hanapin ko pa lahat ng kasalbahian ninyo. Jusko day, Yolanda pa lang, one million years ata para ma trace. (But we’ll get there, Dinky. WE WILL GET THERE.)

It was also reported in the news. So bakit ngayon lang siya big deal kay Calida? Asan ang calls dati for him to return and resign? ABER?

Isa pa, ang allowance “GIVEN’ hindi “STOLEN,” unlike sa walang awang paglustay ninyo sa Philhealth at DOH funds, so sino ang dapat imbestigahan maliban sa receiver? Bakit nangyari dati, at bakit pinabayaan lang? Hindi inayos ang sistema kasi akala ninyo kayo ulit ang makikinabang? Ngayong iba ang nakinabang, biglang may mga ganito?

ANO PO ANG TAWAG DITO, SELECTIVE OUTRAGE OR UNLI CALLS TO MAKE CALIDA RESIGN? Vengeance is mine ang peg? Mahiya naman kayo sa amin na nagbabayad ng mga suweldo ninyo para maging petty. Di bagay. Walang natutuwa. Kayo kayo lang.

PAKI EXPLAIN SA AMING MGA TAXPAYERS. WAG PO KAMI. GALIT NA GALIT NA KAMI SA INYO. (Also, magpa town hall meeting kayo para malaman ninyo we would have gladly paid Calida P10 million pesos because he kicked out Sereno for us. Allowances – P10 M. The joy of seeing Aquino puppet Sereno out of the Supreme Court = PRICELESS.)

Your thoughts?

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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