Facebook post says Ateneo’s “dismissal penalty” confusing, dismissal not found in the DepEd’s Manual of Regulations?

So it’s all over Facebook and in other social media platforms.

Ateneo dismissed Joaquin Montes from its roster and the kid will have to find other schools willing to give him the second chance and resume his study.

Ateneo has been getting the flak from netizens since bullying video went viral on Facebook for failing to issue a statement condemning the perpetrator, giving netizens the impression that the school was being soft on the bully because of the family’s connection with a powerful political family.

So when Ateneo finally caved in to the public’s demand to sever its ties with Joaquin Montes and hoped that the backlash on social media disappears asap, they’re dead wrong!


It has come to our attention that instead of making the issue and the bashing go away, the ‘dismissal’ has fueled further backlash against the school after Facebook user Ito Rapadas demanded Ateneo to clarify whether their dismissal penalty falls under DepEd rules of exclusion or expulsion?

You may read the full post below now.

People are currently discussing “Bakit ‘dismissal’ lang at hindi `expulsion’ ang penalty ni student Montes? Ateneo Pres. announced in a public letter that the penalty of “DISMISSAL” (word capitalized in the letter) was imposed on their erring student.

After reading the official DepEd document “2010 Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools”, I found out that there is NO such penalty as “dismissal” in the regulations. I’m presuming Ateneo has its own terms for penalties under their internal rules. Under DepEd the disciplinary penalties are:

2.Preventive Suspension
3.Exclusion (student is dropped from school roll and is issued transfer papers so student can apply and study in another school).
4. Expulsion (student is kicked out from school and is the EXTREME penalty because student is not allowed to enroll by DepEd in any other school/approved by Secretary of Education)

You will not find the words “dismissed/dismissal” in the DepEd’s Manual of Regulations. However in cases of students “ASSAULTING” and “HAZING” co-students and school personnel, the penalty under DepEd regulations is clear and it is EXPULSION.

Maybe Ateneo should clarify whether their dismissal penalty falls under DepEd rules of exclusion or expulsion?

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