Facebook post talks about sacrificing the Queen to save the King. Duterte is King, but who’s the queen?

Facebook user Jaime Domingo talked about the Philippine political landscape which he said has been ruled simultaneously by two rulers.

Domingo said remarked that aside from President Duterte, there is a shadow government ruling the country from the sidelines which is called the Philippine Mafia organization headed by someone he does not know yet.

Sounds funny, right? But, it’s also plausible.

In the post, Domingo cited several examples in our history to convince the public that indeed his theory holds some grain of truths.

He explained that the shadow government are the very same people who wants to oust Duterte to save themselves from Duterte’s wrath who poised to dismantle their influence in the country.

Hence, to save Duterte from the mafia’s plan, we need to sacrifice the queen to save the King.

Please read the entire post below for your guidance.

Sometimes We Need To Sacrifice The Queen To Save The King

Today we are witnessing a political chess game were a grandmaster’s match is happening between President Duterte – the official president of the Philippines and the head of the Philippines mafia organization – of whom I do not know who is.

Doesn’t anyone know in the Philippines we have 2 presidents; The official president Duterte and the unofficial president of whom we are yet to find out who really is. That all powerful leader of the underworld of this godforsaken country of ours. This is not the first time that this happen. Remember the match between Erap and Chavit. I guess I do not need to over emphasize who won. At that time the de facto leader of the unofficial presidency is Chavit. Notice, kong paano nilampaso ni Chavit si Erap. Diba itong si Erap natanggal na sa pagka-presidente nakulong pa. And to top it all Erap won by a landslide unmatch even by Duterte. We in the Philippines are under a dictatorship particularly “collective dictatorship”. And as stupid as a people we are, absolutely no one is aware of it.

A little bit of history. Ever since the Spaniards rule us, we are always ruled 2 ways; the Governor General that is appointed by Spain which is the official colonial governing body and the Catholic Church which is the unofficial government at that time but is more powerful than the Governor General because if the Catholic Church do not like the Governor General the Catholic Church can replace him at will. Very much the same even today; the Catholic Church does not like Marcos so they replace Marcos with Cory, the Catholic Church also do not like Erap so they replace him with Gloria and now the same all over again the Catholic Church again do not like Duterte so they want to replace him with Leni.

At the time of Marcos the unofficial government that is the oligarchy was dismantled and the oligarchs themselves were imprisoned. Then Ninoy was shot by one of the oligarch who wants to be president and blame it on Marcos. Cory became president after Marcos rule of 20 years. When Cory became president her brother Peping Cojuangco crowns himself to be the unofficial president establishing the jueteng industry that toppled the presidency of Erap later on.

At the time of Noynoy the Jueteng industry of the unofficial president diversify to illegal drugs particularly shabu. Now the apparatus of the unofficial presidency that toppled Erap is 4 times more powerful for the illegal drug and jueteng jointly has an estimated value of $15 Billion dollar per year. Remember that what President Duterte wants to achieve is the annihilation of the $15 Billion dollar industries of Jueteng and shabu. Expect for a lot of people not to agree with the president. Proof Latego Boy has a billion dollars worth in currencies and properties and Leni Robredo has hidden wealth that includes 2 condominiums in Quezon City. And there is still jueteng and Shabu still available on the street. Those people will not stop unless their dead. Why would they stop its $15 Billion dollars or Php750 Billion pesos. Kong sa milyon nga lang may nagpapatayan bilyon pa kaya.

In a game of chess sometimes we need to sacrifice our queen to save the king. The unofficial president who ever he maybe, his king is Andrew Bautista. Notice that it’s very obvious that Andrew Bautista is guilty. The evidence against him is solid. Those are bank and property documents that involve real money which he did not declare on his SALN. Not submitting the correct SALN is already impeachable offense. What more having a billion dollars worth in currencies and properties. For the fact that there are more than 30 passbooks of which the deposits are all below P500,000 so as not to be reported on AMLC. Which proves that Andrew Bautista wants it to be hidden in secret plus the fact that the one who expose Latego Boy is his estrange wife. But in the game of chess we all know that protecting the king is the only thing that matters. In this case Chief Justice Sereno is sacrifice. Sometimes we need to sacrifice the queen in order to save the king.

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