Faeldon’s fellow PMAer vouches ex- BuCor Chief innocence, says he will swallow Inquirer & Rappler’s news printout if proven otherwise

Retired Commodore Rex Robles said he is prepared to humiliate himself by swallowing the news printout of Inquirer and Rappler if proven wrong of his assertion that his friend Nic Faeldon is innocent.

Robles told critics not to celebrate prematurely over the firing of Nic Faeldon as BuCor Chief because as far as he is concerned, Faeldon did not deviate from the procedure his 9 predecessors have followed.

Robles said he can vouched categorically, based on his judgment, that Faeldon has adhered faithfully to both letter and spirit of the law.

Robles narrated the recent dinner hosted by Faeldon in his quarters in the BuCor attended by learned and experienced lawyers wherein they firmly expressed Robles’ assertion that Faeldon did nothing irregular.

Robles invited the public to come and meet him for a detailed account over a cup of coffee. The offer is extended to interested citizens, but with the condition that the meeting occurs within Metro Manila.

Robles warned the takers to be prepared by studying the law carefully before accepting his challenge. He warned he will be merciless to the unprepared.

Robles informed those who are suggesting a lifestyle check on Faeldon, that the ex-BuCor Chief will be officially homeless once he vacates his quarters at BuCor.

You may read Rex Robles’ full FB post below.

Before Faeldon’s enemies fall over themselves in ecstacy at his removal from office, let me state categorically that in my judgment, he has adhered faithfully to both letter and spirit of the law and has not done anything to deviate from the procedure that his 9 predecessors have followed since the law was applied decades ago.

All the learned and experienced lawyers present last night in the early dinner at Faeldon’s quarters which I attended were firm in their judgment to this effect, (to include the incisive and brilliant presentation of a young civilian lady lawyer who disarmingly made me aware of the nuances involved).

Those who want a detailed account can have coffee with me (at my invitation and expense) and I am willing to go anywhere in metro manila for that purpose. If anyone can prove me wrong in my assertion that Faeldon is totally innocent, I am prepared to humiliate myself by swallowing copies of the Inquirer and printouts of Rappler articles, two outfits whose products I find profoundly emetic.

If I have to suffer for my convictions, so be it! Just a gentle reminder: study the law carefully before accepting my challenge. I will be merciless to the unprepared. By the way, those suggesting a lifestyle check on Faeldon might be interested to know that by tomorrow, after vacating his official govt quarter, he will be homeless.

He lives as a squatter in a sister’s house which he will also have to vacate in a few days when the sister returns from living abroad. Up to this time, he doesn’t have a house of his own!

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