Fake or not. Photo of Imee Marcos & Sara Duterte flashing V & Duterte fist signs over lunch goes very viral after Thinking Pinoy shared it

A photo of Imee Marcos and Sara Duterte flashing V and Duterte fist signs over lunch taken somewhere in the Philippines has convinced netizens that BBM-Sara tandem for 2022 polls is already a done deal goes very viral on Facebook.

Thinking Pinoy aka RJ Nieto shared the said photo on his FB page with the caption, “Ay, na-post!”, apparently to tease his FB followers.

It can be recalled that Thinking Pinoy asserted on his previous FB post that based on his analysis, Sara Duterte withdrew her candidacy to run for VP and form a unbeatable tandem with BBM.

Thinking Pinoy’s FB post has gone viral in just 3 hours since posting, generating a mind-boggling 52,000 reactions, 3,200 comments and 2,900 shares and counting.

Here are some of the reactions of netizens as shown in their comments below.

Carissa Ramos Helgeland wrote: Thinking Pinoy I love it….., thank you lord tuloy ang BBM at Inday Sara Duterte✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾👊👊👊❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Dutch Cabbeh joked: Thinking Pinoy Naku baka mastroke sa nerbyos mga yun. Tpos biglang kakahol Na nman yung aso nila. Hehehe

Rö Chëll can’t help but sang a line from a song “What Wonderful World” because of joy: Thinking Pinoy🎼I see trees of GREEN..RED roses too,🎵 I see them bloom..For me and you..🎶and I think for myself..🎵What a wonderful world?? npakanta tuloy😁

Some netizens though spoiled the party by commenting that the photo was old since Inday Sara’s hair in the photo was still long.

Gina Viray Maniago wrote: Thinking Pinoy Old pic naman na yata yan kasi maigsi ang buhok ni Inday Sara now.😂

Joy Garganera Tonacao seconded: Looks like an old photo? Look at Sara’s hair?

To which Fritz SangilanJoy replied: Garganera Tonacao opo old pic na to. that means, matagal na nila.itong napagplanuhan.remember ang sabi ni Inday dati na “She is not a last minute person”.BBM-Sara tandem.had long been planned and plantsado na. kaya wag padadala sa mga distractions lalo na ng PDP Laban. rmember hindi member ng PDP si Inday

One netizen alerted TP that his post might be fact-checked because she tried to share the same photo from Larry Gadon’s post but it was flagged as “false information”.

Melodia Arceo Aquino echoed the previous commenter’s warning. Fake daw yan tp🤣🤣🤣🤣

Let us end the post by sharing the comment of Rainy Dayz:

Hayyy i still can’t believe ..We still need to hear it coming from sarah herself..to make sure.. super sure… pra marelieved lhat ng agam agam.. if they really be tandem naku naku.. it would be a really great news.. hope it will.. hope its really trueee…


Source: Thinking Pinoy

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