Farmer’s open letter urges patriotic Filipinos, including Lacson to stand behind President Duterte amid pandemic

A certain Bepoy Galeno, who calls himself a farmer, penned an open letter in reaction to critics who says that community pantry mushrooming all over the country is a sign of desperation and helplessness among Filipinos.

Galeno opens the letter by defending the community pantry, saying this is manifestation of the Filipino Bayanihan Spirit, a trait inherent among Filipinos. He cited a local project in their town as an example of an initiative inspired by this Pinoy spirit.

“Community Pantries are outward manifestations of the Filipino Bayanihan Spirit. That is inherent in us. Below are our photos doing the Bayanihan. We even beautified our town plaza with all townmates around the world sending money for the project. Both endeavors were very successful.”

Sadly, politics reared its ugly head and their project was shelved. He vehemently denies the allegation labeled by critics on their project.

“Unfortunately, our beautification project was misinterpreted as a political move, hence the LGU was dismayed. It was not politically motivated. It was a sincere effort for our community.”

“We are in a crisis. We have this pandemic and we have this issue in the West Philippine Sea,” Galeno writes.

Galeno takes a jab at netizens who thinks they know better than the President by making statements like, “community pantry is a reflection of people’s dismay for the failure of the government” blah, blah. Galeno also have a short message to netizens who thinks they are experts in International law by telling the President to do this and that. Galeno says his sermon is applicable to justices, senators and common tao.

“This is not the time to grandstand by saying that the Community Pantries are reflections of the people’s dismay for the failure of government to do its job. This is not the time to assert your knowledge in International Law and say that this and that should be done. None of us have the expertise in International Relations even if we are justices, senators or common tao. None of us are except the President. The President clearly see the general outcome of every action he takes in dealing with other nations.”

Galeno admonishes critics for their all-knowing attitude and at the same time, urges them to rise above their politics.

“This is not the time to bring our President down. This is the time to stand behind him as true patriots.”

Galeno shares how he and fellow farmers walk the talk when preaching about standing behind the President in times of crisis.

“Me and my men were entitled to more than 1 Billion Php in cash reward representing 10% of the excess collection in 2016 and 2017, pursuant to RA 9335 or the Attrition Law. I asked our lawyer to temporarily put on hold our moves to push for the release of that reward as a gesture of standing behind the government despite the personal promise to me by the President himself.”

Galeno sends a heartwarming message to President Duterte.

“Mr. President, I trust in your wisdom, I believe in the inherent love of the Filipino to the motherland and I believe in God to save this beautiful country and lovable people.”

Likewise to the Filipino people….

“To our countrymen in the left, let us join hands in this moment of uncertainty and let us work together for food self sufficiency, a decent life for our farmers and clean food in our tables.”

God bless the Philippines!



A Letter To My Countrymen By: Farmer Reynaldo M. Galeno Community Pantries are outward manifestations of the Filipino…

Posted by Bepoy Galeno on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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