Fashion Pulis’ “Before and After: Mariel de Leon in 2013 and in 2017” post sparks debate

Bb. Pilipinas Mariel de Leon has been the hot topic on social media lately following her tweet criticizing Mocha Uson’s appointment as Asec to PCOO.

Despite winning the Bb. Pilipinas International crown, fame remain elusive to the daughter of actors Boyet de Leon and Sandy Andolong.

But the recent controversy aroused the curiosity of social media who can’t get enough of her.

Speaking of Mariel, Fashion Pulis added more fuel to the fire by posting the photo of Mariel de Leon circa 2013 and 2017.

Fashion Pulis’ readers quickly notice the stark contrast of the photos of the beauty queen, starting a debate whether she had a cosmetic surgery or not.

Mariel de Leon: 2013 and 2017

Mariel de Leon: 2013 and 2017

One netizen said: “She lost weight lang. a lot of it .”

However, this netizen disagreed.

“Nope when you lose weight di naman nbabawasan bone structure mo hano.”

This one joined the chorus of dissenting voices. “Hindi rin mapupunta sa lips mo yung taba.”

This one suggest Mariel had cosmetic surgery.

“I dont think may pinagawa sya sa lips nya. Kasi naka smile sya sa isang pic and dun sa right, hindi. Pero the jaw and nose, pak na pak!”

This one have no problem if Mariel went under the knife.

“E ano naman kung nagparetoke? Wala ng beauty queen na all-natural ngayon noh! Hahaha”

This netizen remarked this is an illusion created by the use of makeup. “Countouring by make up tulad nung ginagawa ni Pochoy. illusion ng make up.”

This anonymous user offered what he/she read from Mariel de Leon’s Instagram post saying claiming she did not undergo any cosmetic procedure.

“Wala nga daw sya pinagawa according sa instagram nya diba. It’s called maturing, losing weight and hair styling daw lol.”

This netizen disagreed with the contouring explanation. “Natatawa ako sa nagsasabi ng contouring. Pano mo icocontour pahabain ang nostrils mo? Alam ko sa contouring ng nose para magkabridge lang.”

This netizen have other things in mind and blame the Duterte supporters for resorting to personal attacks following her negative remarks against Mocha Uson’s appointment PCOO Asec.

“Syempre naglabasan na ang mga personal attacks kasi nagvoice out sya ng opinion about politics. Yuck galawang troll hay.”

Meanwhile, one netizen commented Mariel de Leon of 2013 looks like Elizabeth Oropesa.

“Elizabeth oropesa sa unang pic.”

Your thoughts, please!

Source: Fashion Pulis


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