FB page tells truth about baby River’s Mom, Reina Mae Nasino, mainstream media refuse to talk about


This is the bold statement of the FB page “Team Philippines” to open its latest post about the controversial detainee Reina Mae Nasino, mainstream media’s poster girl in its bid to embarrass Duterte administration.

For starters, Team Philippines informed netizens what the detainee were accused of.

“Criminal Case: Violation of RA 19591 and RA 9516

Team Philippines went on to explain what the above RA’s were all about by getting more detailed.

“Caught in possession of two live grenades, one Bushmaster XM15 rifle, two Colt MK14 pistols, magazines and bullets during a raid at their office.

Team Philippines laughed at the wokes, wannabe activists and their kinds who are demanding that Nasino to be freed from jail.

“Now the wokewannabe activists and their ilks under the CPP-NPA-NDF umbrella terrorist groups want her to be freed from jail.

“Ano, gusto n’yo s’yang palayain dahil namatayan s’ya ng anak?, Team Philippines emphatically asked.

Team Philippines claimed baby River died of ARDS under the watch of the grandma.

“FYI, namatay ang kanyang anak sa sakit na Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome at nasa pangangalaga ng kanyang lola nang ito’y mamatay.

Team Philippines sneered at the cry for justice for the baby by wokes and leftist sympathizers.

Ngayon ang sigaw n’yo ay JUSTICE FOR BABY RIVER!

Team Philippines cannot help but ask what did the government do to the baby that justifies their cry for justice.

“Inano ba ng gobyerno ang batang ‘yan?

Team Philippines remarked that if they want justice, better sue the grandmother.

“Kung gusto n’yo ng hustisya idemanda n’yo ang kanyang lola!

Team Philippines blamed Reina Mae Nasino for what happened to her baby. Instead of putting the welfare of her child above everything else, she was deeply involved with the terrorist group.

“May maliit na anak pala ang babaeng ‘yan. Bakit ang pinagkakaabalahan n’ya ay ang pagsapi sa teroristang kilusan sa halip na alagaan ang kanyang musmos pang anak?

Team Philippines asked what is the purpose of setting her when she no longer have the baby to take care of?

“Tapos ngayon gusto n’yo s’yang palayain? Para ano pa? Wala naman na s’yang aalagaang anak.

Team Philippines said all fuss focused on Nasino is classic strategy of the communist.



Team Philippines suggested a more appropriate hashtag for baby River’s de@th.

“Dapat ang isigaw n’yo: ‘Justice for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Victims!’ LOL 🤣#EndCPPNPANDF#EndTerrorism#AlamNaThis

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Source: Team Philippines

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