FB thread: Winning president handpicks VP? Vote for President a vote VP nominee? Take your pick!

Fiscal Darwin Canete has started a FB thread to talk about his proposal to our lawmakers to remove the vice-presidency from contention and simply let whoever wins as president handpick his/her VP.

“In our elections, may i suggest to remove the vice-presidency from contention and simply let whoever wins as president pick his/her own.”

If not, Fiscal Canete wants our VP election patterned after the US. The reason being? He does not want a repeat of the current setup between PRRD and you know who.

“Or alternatively, vote for the president is a vote for his vp nominee. We should not have an administration hobbled by an obstructive successor.”

Judging by the reactions of netizens, which stands at 2,800+ as of this writing and the positive comments of netizens signifying their approval, I believe we should keep talking about it until our lawmakers get this notice and see if they can do something about this quick.

One netizen netizen commented to have his voice counted: “It’s a long overdue. Ilang beses nang na ammend yung constitution natin 1935, 1973 at lalo na yung 1987 na talagang butas na pero nalugmok pa rin sa bulok na sistema”

To which another netizen replied: “I agree. But that would mean amending the constitution, right?”

“That is the system in the United States. A vote for President also counts for his or her running mate,” replied another netizen.

“We love copying the Americans, yet we copied them half-cooked on this,” rued another.

“Maganda yung ganyan torney” said another netizen to show one’s support to Fiscal Canete’s proposal.

However, this netizen thinks parliamentary is much better.

“Shift to parliamentary system is a better alternative, current system relies heavily on name recall or how famous one’s name is.” To which Fiscal Canete agreed: “agree. This is band aid”

“Federal Parliamentary government is the solution,” remarked another netizen.


Source: Darwin Canete

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