Fearless DDS blogger says arresting vandals is good economic sense than spending money to clean up their mess!

Fearless DDS blogger Krizette Laureta Chu had an aha moment while driving by Quiapo and watching workers repaint public places vandalized by protesters and what-not.

Chu thought that arresting vandals means the government wouldn’t spending money repainting defaced and vandalized public places.

These money for repainting and paying for the labor can be better spent in other areas that requires government attention.

Chu reckoned that in other countries not considered “dictatorial” like the US ans HK, protesters are met with water cannons and arrests.

Ironically, Dictator Duterte even allow protesters to get away with vandalism of public property.

However, Chu clarified she has nothing against protesters but vandalizing in public places is a different story and she hates it.

Chu ended the post saying too much freedom has been abused.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below now.


If you take a look at other governments who are not considered “dictatorial”–like the US and HK, you’ll see how they handle protesters—water cannons galore, arrests of the clergy, arrests of foreigners, etc.

Meanwhile the dictatorial Duterte even allow people to get away with vandalism of PUBLIC property.

A few days ago I passed by Quiapo Bridge and these men were repainting it, trying to cover up vandalism aside from inaayos na rin siguro (I wasnt able to take a pic but there was a WAG PATAYIN ANG MAGSASAKA words spray painted on one of the panels na hindi pa nabubura.)

Sayang sa pera.

Can we please just arrest vandals, because DUTERTE DIKTADOR spray-painted on walls and other public property means its less money for other things we actually need as a people just so our government can clean up these defaced places?

Fine, mag kalat kayo dyan sa mga tarpaulin nyo, pero wag nyo naman idadamay ang public property. Buti kung pera nyo at mga tao nyo ang ang tratrabaho.

Arrest vandals, because as a taxpayer I don’t want to pay for this.

Sobrang freedom, abuso na.

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