Fearless Krizette Chu dares Teddy Casino in open letter: “Huwag mo ako tatakutin ng kaso… Hindi ako tanga gaya ng mga tanga mong nirerecruit.”

A dauntless Krizette Laureta Chu has fired back at Teddy Casino who called out the Manila Bulletin writer on Facebook for posting the photos of her family otherwise, someone raring to file a case against her.

In a Facebook post, an angry Chu fired back at Casino, telling the Bayan Muna leader not to threaten her with a suit for posting blacked out photos of his sons and wife, whose faces were never showed.

Chu said she is not stupid like his stupid recruits. Says she knows defamation, libel and slander because she studied journalism. She is aware of the parameters of what is legal to be published and she knows no violation has been committed.

Chu told Casino he is a hypocrite. A public figure like him, Chu insisted, is a fair game to be called out because of his dangerous hypocrisies…one of which is calling out for tuition fee regulation while sending his kids to an expensive private school.

Chu asked in jest who was “raring to file a case against her?” Did Casino’s lawyer friend wishes to experience defeats in one’s first few cases?

Chu said if that Casino thinks scaring her will change her mind about him, he’s dead wrong.

On Casino’s complaint why his son was dragged into the social media war, Chu said he is a hypocrite because when Kitty Duterte was dragged by his allies, Casino did not lift a finger.

Chu asserted she sees nothing wrong for people to reveal the kind of lifestyle Casino leads, because he is not only a pubic figure, but an incendiary figure at that who has caused many mothers grief by inflaming their children with WRONG ideologies.

Meanwhile, Chu was curious who was generous person who paid for his son’s education? What was the bargain or the incentive in return? Chu won’t take an answer that it’s a private because he is a public figure.

As an activist, Chu said, she expected for Casino to respond to the generous offer, “Thank you for your generosity. I will take this P200,000 and send four kids to a less expensive school instead so we can distribute the advantages to many children, and not just mine.” Chu said this never crossed Casino’s mind because he is a hypocrite.

Chu remarked that Casino is forcing her to delete blacked out photos of which no face is identifiable. Chu asked Casino who is again the dictator? Duterte?

Chu warned Casino not to threaten her with suits because his hypocrisies will be revealed.

Chu dared Casino to file a case and she said she’s willing to be the sacrificial lamb so that no mothers to hypocrites like Casino.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below now.

Dear @Teddy Casino,

Huwag mo ako tatakutin ng kaso for posting blacked out photos of your son and wife, whose faces and names were NEVER showed or revealed.

Hindi ako tanga gaya ng mga tanga mong nirerecruit. I know defamation, slander, libel because I studied journalism. I know the parameters of what’s legal to be published and and I know no violation has been committed. Tanga ba ako?

Sino ang “raring to file a case against me?” Your newly minted lawyer? Baka hindi nya alam yan. Gusto agad matalo sa first few cases nya?

Wag ako ang tatakutin mo. Hipokrito ka. You are a public figure and we have the right to call you out for your dangerous hypocrisies… one of which is calling out for tuition fee regulation while sending your own kid to an expensive school. Hipokrito. HIPOKRITO.

You think scaring me will make me change my mind about you? Dinamay ang anak mo? Did you call out your own allies when they used Kitty Duterte against her own father? No, because you are a hypocrite.

There is nothing wrong for people to reveal the kind of lifestyle you lead, because not only are you a public figure, you are an incendiary figure who has caused many mothers grief by inflaming their children with WRONG idealogies.

At sino naman ang nagpapa aral sa anak mo? At ano ang nakukuha niya? Huwag mong sabihing Private matter kasi public figure ka.


Huwag ako. Huwag ako ang takutin mo because I will move heaven and earth to expose you. Maybe by filing a case against me, your hypocrisies will be revealed.

I’m willing to be sacrificed at the altar of your fake agendas so that no more mothers will lose children to hypocrites like you. Open the Pandora’s box, I dare you.

Ikaw pwede mag criticize ng iba at pwedeng mandamay ng pamilya, Pero kaming regular na mamamayan, hindi? Mananakot ka ng kaso? Kayo pwede abusado at walang validation ang claims pero pag kayo ang kina call out may kaso?

Don’t threaten me. Maybe it’s time the world knows the kind of person you are, the kind of life you lead, while your kids go abroad while the kids you recruit go to mountains, and if we have to go to court for that, then do it.

It will be an honor to be a landmark case against a hypocritical person like you.

HIPOKRITO—and I will call you that even if you send me to jail.

PS: You are nothing against true blue Commies like the Tiamzons. You are not willing to sacrifice what they have sacrificed. You are a hypocrite, and I will not be dictated upon by a hypocrite.

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