Fearless lady to Rappler’s Maria Ressa on Facebook: “Enough of your drama!”

The last few days, the public have been bombarded by the theatrics of Rappler’s Maria Ressa on social media and on primetime TV, screaming all her might that her arrest was political for exposing the excesses of the Duterte government?

While Maria Ressa has sympathizers from the opposition, colleagues in the news industry and friends in the international press like CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, she has her own share of critics too from the DDS camp, including the fearless international trade expert MJ Quiambao Reyes.

In a Facebook post, Reyes told Ressa, “Enough of your drama!”

Did Reyes’ message reflects the sentiment of social media?

Well, if the number of the more than 5,000 shares and 4,872 likes and counting generated by Reyes’ FB post is the yardstick, you could say,”YES”, there are social media peeps who do agree with Reyes’ sentiment.

You may read the full post now.


Democracy & Press Freedom are very much alive in the Philippines. Sadly, so is Yellow & “Envelopmental” Journalism.

1. It is neither the President nor the gov’t who filed the cyber libel case against you. The complainant (Wilfredo Keng) is a private citizen who is not in any way connected to this admin.

The complaint stemmed from a libelous article you posted in 2012 and updated & republished in 2014–years before Duterte got elected.

2. Cyber libel is a bailable offense in the Philippines.

3. You could have quietly posted bail yesterday prior to your arrest (like what your co-accused did)–but of course, that wouldn’t be dramatic and it will not create much impact in the int’l community, right?

4. You are very much alive and unharmed. You are not in jail–and your freedom of speech is not at all being curtailed.

5. There are thousands of media men in this country who continue to incessantly criticize, even demonize, the current admin–yet, are equally unharmed and are not facing any legal case.

PRESS FREEDOM guarantees our right to seek, receive, and impart information, opinion, and ideas through any media.


It does not give you or any journo or pseudo-journo the license to misuse the media by propagating distorted information and/or publishing malicious & irresponsible imputations.

Our freedom ends where the nose of another begins.

Now, I’m not in a position to say whether or not you are guilty of cyber libel. Personally, I’m no fan of libel cases and I look forward to the day when libel & cyber libel can be decriminalized. I also foresee how you may eventually get away with this. Until then, defend your self in court and disprove the allegations against you by a private citizen you have allegedly maligned. Enough of the drama and stop this ridiculous claim that media is under attack while your every move and every word against this government are well covered by the mainstream media here and abroad.


The New York Times CNN News Washington Post BBC News

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