Fearless netizen blogger slams Iceland leaders criticizing PRRD’s war on dr*gs when they have a huge problem vis-a-vis PH

Fearless netizen blogger and one of PRRD’s staunchest supporters Krizette Laureta Chu slammed Iceland leaders hard in a viral open letter.

Chu scolded Iceland’s leaders for having the audacity to criticize PRRD’s war on drugs when the Icelandic nation has bigger dr^g addiction problem when compared to PH.

In the open letter Chu, belittled Iceland leaders whose population is only comparable to Tacloban’s 300,000 people to know better than PRRD in terms of handling the Philippines illegal dr^g problem whose population is 100M+.

Chu went on to discuss the serious dr^g addiction problem of Icelanders facing today and the type of fix its people is add1cted to.

You may read Chu’s full FB post below.

Because a country with about the population of Tacloban City (300,000) knows the challenges of running a country with 110 million people LOLs.
Even Quezon City has 2 million people. And the leaders of Iceland have the temerity to question how we run this country.

ICELAND for its very small size has a very big drug problem.

1. From Jan to June 2018, 29 recorded deaths in Iceland were likely to be related to drug overdoses. This is a heavy increase compared to last year’s numbers, when 32 people died due to illicit substance consumption over the entire year. Ólafur B. Einarsson from the Directorate Of Health believes there is a potential drug crisis developing in the country.

2. Compared to other Nordic countries, Iceland has a 30% higher consumption rate of nervous system medication like oxycodone.

3. There is another more dangerous trend present, though. “This year, we discovered that more young people consumed a mix of strong opioid analgesics and cannabis or alcohol,” Ólafur says. Opioids are incredibly addictive and easy to overdose on. In Iceland, they are consumed in pill form and also smoked from Fentanyl patches, which is considered to be many times more potent than heroin.

4. Ólafur points out that there is also an unusually high number of people who consume antidepressants in Iceland. The country has the highest antidepressant consumption rate of any OECD nation.

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