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Fearless netizen tells Drilon, colleagues who signed & expanded the GCTA to issue public apology, wishes PRRD could fire irresponsible senators?

After Drilon admitted voting for a flawed expanded GCTA law, netizens including DDS and fearless blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes are now demanding from Drilon and his colleagues who voted and expanded the GCTA law to issue a public apology for the mess they created.

Reyes reckoned that if this happened in Japan, politicians who committed failure as epic as this would by now do the noblest thing to do, which is…not going to spell this out for you because FB’s community guidelines would flag this post immediately.

Reyes cited 5 reasons that made the expanded GCTA law even worse i.e.  the many ambiguities in the definition & limitation of a) good conduct and b) heinous crimes

Reyes said she wasn’t even a lawyer but using her common sense and some foresight, but it doesn’t take a genius to know it was flawed.

Reyes remarked she is saddened that neither of these senators will be tendering their resignations nor PRRD has the power to fire these irresponsible senators for doing a shit legislative piece of work.

You may read MJ Reyes full FB post below.


“I admit, I was among those who voted but I did not realize the implications of such a more grant of time allowances for good conduct.”

“When Section 3 was included in the committee report in the Senate, the senators including me did not realize the effect of expanding the period of Good Conduct Time Allowance.”

Now, you’re talking! Shouldn’t you and all the other senators who signed and expanded the GCTA apologize to the people then for gross negligence, lack of foresight, lack of common sense, and absence of prudence?

I am not a lawmaker but when I first read RA 10592, I immediately saw and pointed out the biggest among many flaws of the said law (long before the senate hearing)–and that is, expanding the GCTA or granting excessive allowances supposedly for “good conduct”.

It was made worse by:

1️⃣ the many ambiguities in the definition & limitation of a) good conduct and b) heinous crimes,
2️⃣ the more ambiguous IRR,
3️⃣ applying the law retroactively
4️⃣ putting too much power & authority on BuCor officials and (again!) being ambiguous in the limitation of their authority
5️⃣ miserably failing to put in place measures for: check and balance, review, and oversight.

It does not take a genius to see all those flaws. All it takes are: some common sense and some foresight.

Kung sa Japan yan, nag harakiri na ang mga nasa likod ng matinding kapalpakan na ito!

Sadly but surely, none of these senators will even think of resigning.

Too bad, the President cannot just fire the responsible senators for RA 10592–or should we say, irresponsible senators?

– MJ Quiambao Reyes

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