Fed up with Bishops campaigning against Duterte, priest announces during mass he is for Duterte

Dismayed by the political interference of Manila-based bishops, a priest based in the province allegedly announced he is voting for Duterte during mass, claims the post.

priest in Bohol announced he is for Duterte during Mass

Credits to Willy Ramasola for the photo and the story

In a Facebook post shared 151 times as of Sunday morning, the netizen named Chris Ramasola published the story for the indulgence of the Duterte supporters who welcomed the news with glee.

According to the post, “as the morning mass at the Cogon parish church in Bohol was about to end, to the surprise of the churchgoers, the celebrant Fr. Jesus Labor said something like this:

I’m giving you all the final blessings so that you can all walk away with the blessings of the Lord if ever you don’t agree or you find what I am about to say as offensive.

You see, I am holding here two newspapers. One is a local newspaper in Bohol. Another is a national newspaper.

I am very disappointed because the Church is supposed to be non-partisan. But I read in these news articles about our bishops campaigning against Duterte and trying to destroy his character. This for me is against the guidelines issued to us.

We the priests here are not campaigning to all of you. We just want to make that clear. We are not campaigning for anybody. But we just want to tell you all that we the priests here will all be voting for Mayor Rody Duterte as President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Quite taken aback by the announcement of Fr. Labor, the parishioners clapped and rejoiced says the post.

The post ended with an expression of gratitude from the netizen who wrote:

Thank you Fr. Labor! Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay ang mga Bol-anon! Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!
Happy Sunday to all.

Disclaimer: The post has not been verified yet. Whether or not this is pure hearsay or a figment of the imagination of the original writer, that is up to the netizens who attended the same mass to confirm or belie this post.

If you happen to witness the said Mass in Bohol, please comment below.

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