Fellow Bicolano rips Leni Robredo apart on Facebook: “She is the Minister of Everything and good at nothing.”

Yes, VP Leni Robredo is the source of pride of her fellow Bicolanos because after all, she is the only Bicolano politician, if I was not mistaken, who is one breath away from the Presidency.

However, not all Bicolanos adore Leni Robredo.

In fact, Edwin Jamora, a fellow Bicolano from Sorsogon, is no fanboy, ripping Leni Robredo apart mercilessly, especially after the Vice President did the unprecedented yesterday, that no VP had done in PH history, a national address of her own.

Jamora, wrote in all caps, perhaps as gesture how serious he was when he opened the FB post with this line, ‘LENI’S STATEMENTS IN THE FEDERAL PARLIAMENTARY’S QUESTION HOUR WILL BE PULVERIZED‘.

Jamora accused Robredo of acting like she has a shadow government. When Duterte delivers his SONA, Robredo follows suit.

‘Leni Robredo has been acting like she has a shadow government. She has a statement on every dem national issue and non-issue. After the President’s SONA, she goes on national TV too. When the President addresses the nation on critical national issues, she goes on national TV also.’

Jamora remarked that Leni has de facto shadow government. He explained what a shadow government looks like and how it works.

‘Leni has de-facto im-facto created a shadow government. A shadow government is composed of shadow ministers who are members of the opposition, chosen by the Leader of the Opposition. Shadow ministers have the vital responsibility of scrutinizing—closely examining—the work of the government and individual ministers.’

Jamora then asked a brilliant question that should knock some sense into Leni Robredo, if she cares to listen.

‘Do we have shadow ministers? None. Leni Robredo is the Shadow Minister in every department. She is Minister of Everything and good at nothing. She issues statements of just about anything. Yesterday, she released her Economic Policy. Other times, her comments are colliding. Do you remember her statements on lockdowns?’

Jamora found it strange that the concept of shadow government comes from federalism which Leni would not approve of.

‘What’s odd is that the concept of shadow government comes from federalism! The very form of government that Leni Robredo would not approve of!’

Jamora mentioned another fellow Bicolano who is either confused about federalism or do not understand the concept at all.

‘Do you know who else can’t make up their minds on federalism or do not understand the federal system of government? Leila De Lima – Sabi nya, “Let the LGU’s have real autonomy!” Huh?! So, gusto nya nang autonomy pero ayaw nya ng Federalism?!’

Jamora remarked that Leni can still enjoy being the Opposition’s Presidential bet, issuing statements or comments on national issues without fear of being scrutinized since we are not in a Federal Parliamentary form.

‘For now, enjoy si Manay Leni, the Opposition’s Presidential Candidate, with her statements via video-video because we are NOT in a Federal Parliamentary Form of Government where her every statement can be scrutinized and questioned!’

Jamora ended the FB post by giving a fearless forecast of Robredo in the Question Hour in a Federal parliamentary form of government.

‘Imfak, Leni Robredo will not survive in the Question Hour. She’d be pulverized!’

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Source: Edwin Jamora

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