Fellow Bicolano & Robredo critic wonders if Leni Robredo’s staffs are anti-Leni. Read why!

Edwin Jamora, a known critic of VP Leni Robredo who happens to be a fellow Bicolano wondered in his latest FB post if Robredo’s staff are anti-Leni.

Jamora arrived with the conclusion after a meme quoting Malacanang Spokesman Sec. Harry Roque circulated on Facebook recently came to his attention.

To understand where Jamora is coming from, let me give you a context of what is going on here.

ICYMI, the embedded text in the meme asked if our Vice Pres. is ignorant? According to the meme, Roque reminded Robredo that opening of classes cannot be moved to a later date due to existing laws. Roque made the statement after the VP urged DepEd to move the opening of classes this year.

Moving forward, Jamora can’t help but open with an emphatic statement, setting the tone of his FB post, ‘Nagkalat na naman si Manay?!’

Jamora can’t help but asks who is Robredo’s chief of staff? Who are her advisers and consultants because it gives him the impression they are not competent and undeserving to run things in the OVP.

‘Sino ba Chief of Staff nito?! Bakit wala silang ginagawa kundi ipahiya si Leni?! Asan ang mga advisers and consultants nito?!’

At this point, Jamora dropped the jaw-dropping question if Leni Robredo staffs are anti-Leni.

‘Don’t they meet and discuss what’s gonna be Leni’s public pronouncements?! Ano mga staff ni Manay, puro Anti-Leni?!’

And, iIf the VP has legal consultants to advise on legal matters just like what the Malacanang spokesman talked about.

‘Wala ba syang Legal Consultants to advise her on chienes like what Atty Harry Roque is talking about?!’

Jamora joked what field are Robredo’s consultants, field of dreams?

Ano anong mga field ng mga na hire ni Manay as Consultants?! Field of dreams?!’

Jamora ended with a one-liner spoken in Bicolano for the VP.

‘Ka-urag urag na maray! Kasiram tirikmoon si mga inanitan na to!’


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Source: Edwin Jamora

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