Fellow Bicolano slams VP Leni Robredo for daring government officials to show SALN, come out clean on corruption

US-based accountant and fellow Bicolano Edwin Jamora was apparently incredulous that Leni Robredo would make such statement daring government officials to show their SALN to the public. He dismissed Robredo’s dare as nothing but using the issue for political gains.


Jamora asked Robredo to review the guidelines issued by the Ombudsman regarding the issue of SALN sometime between 2019 or 2020.

Was it in 2019 or 2020 where the Ombudsman issued new guidelines limiting who can request copies of a government official’s SALN? Korek ba? Paki-review please, but all I know, limitado na siya kasi nga binababoy for political purposes!

Jamora enumerated the conditions wherein SALN can be made public.

1.) if the declarant, meaning the government official who filed it and his or her official representative made a request;

2.) if it is legally ordered by the court in relation to a pending case

3.) if the request is made through the Office of the Ombudsman’s field investigation office for the purpose of a fact-finding probe.

Jamora asked if Leni Robredo’s ground to release the SALN of government officials falls under any of the 3 conditions sets by the Ombudsman? If Robredo has a problem, Jamora told Robredo to hit the Ombudsman.

Para daw mapatunayan na anti-corruption si Digong? Does that fall under any of the 3 categories? Kung may problema si Madumb! Aba eh bigwasan nya ang Ombudsman!

Jamora asked if corruption or plunder case has been filed versus President Duterte? If none, then Robredo is simply rumor-mongering.

Besides, may kaso ba si Digong on corruption? Plunder? Saan? Ikinaso ba ni Madumb si Digong on corruption? Meron ba? WALA! Chismis lang ni Robredo ito para mapagusapan during their merienda!

Jamora asked his readers once again whether Robredo’s request to release the SALN falls under any of the categories cited by the Ombudsman? Did she make a request? Or she did not know where to look for the SALN? Otherwise, Jamora said Robredo is playing dumb to give the impression to the public that Duterte is hiding his SALN.

Ang request ba ni Madumb falls into any of these categories?! Bakit?! Nag-request ba talaga siya?! Hindi ba talaga alam ni Madumb kung saan hahanapin ang SALN? Or nag-tatanga tangahan lang dahil mas magandang palabasin na tinatago ni Duterte ang SALN niya?

Tigilan mo ang Reyna! Jamora barked at Robredo.



Source: Edwin Jamora

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