Fellow PMA alumnus slams Trillanes following statement calling request for Martial Law extension, ‘whimsical misuse of power’

Following Malacanang’s request for a 6-month extension of Martial Law in Mindanao, one of Duterte’s critics described it as ‘whimsical misuse of power’.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes released his statement to the media and GMA News shared it in yesterdays article. [Link here]

“That’s just a whimsical misuse of power. Then again, I have already forewarned the public of Duterte’s authoritarian tendencies and this is another proof of it.”

Fellow PMA alumnus and former military rebel Abe Purugganan took to Facebook castigating the Duterte’s noisiest critic.

On Facebook, Purugganan called Trillanes statement “reckless and irresponsible” and insulting to the Department of National Defense, the military, the police and the intelligence community.

Purugganan remarked that Trillanes ‘whimsical misuse of power’ statement is a shame and asked the senator to resign from his post.

Read the post below.

WHIMSICAL. What a word in this time of uncertainty.

Mr Trillianes is insulting the defense department, the military and police, and the intelligence community by saying that the extension of martial law is a whimsical use of power. Has he forgotten that these are the people that recommended to President Duterte the extension of Martial law in Mindanao? And that President Duterte decided based on the recommendation of these people who have the best understanding of the situation in Marawi and the whole of Mindanao.

Is he saying that these people decided on impulse or kapritso lamang nila?

Is he implying that he understands better the situation than these people?

Is he more knowledgeable than the intelligence community who provided the intelligence estimate which was the basis of the military and police, and the defense department to recommend the extension to the President? He just insulted the whole network of the intelligence community who are putting their lives on the line to gather needed information in the field for our military commanders to make sound decisions.

Is he more aware of the strategic and operational implications of the threat situation, as well as the magnitude of the military and police operation required to neutralize the situation? Is he aware that this is not done on impulse or out of whims or caprices but by a thorough assessment and careful planning and implementation? He just insulted all the soldiers and policemen, officers and men who are on the battlefield doing their best to accomplish their mission and who are ready to die to save the country.

Is he aware that the leadership of the AFP and PNP did a complete staff work and have exhausted all means to reach a plausible decision knowing what are at stake and the consequences of a wrong decision? Mr Trillianes has just insulted the AFP and PNP leadership.

Is he saying that the Martial Law Administrator and Secretary of National Defense did not make a due diligence or did not study the recommendation of the military and police, and the intelligence community before he concurred and submitted it to the President? Knowing Sec Delfin Lorenzana who is a very competent soldier and Defense Secretary, Mr Trillianes has just insulted Secretary Lorenzana.

For people who have been greatly affected by the invasion of ISIS in Marawi, Mr Trillianes statement on the extension of Martial Law as whimsical misuse of power shows his insensitivity and callousness to the sufferings of the people of Marawi City, and that he does not care about the security of Mindanao and the rest of the country. And the worst of all, he despises our wounded and fallen soldiers, and the death of innocent civilians who were killed by terrorists.

Whimsical. What a word in this time of uncertainty where people are suffering and dying on the battlefield. Mr Trillianes does not know what he is saying. He is hurting the Filipino people.

Is it whimsical to be killed or to be wounded by a terrorist? Is it whimsical to be whacked by ISIS sniper fires? His statement has insulted the 93 soldiers and policemen, officers and men who gave their lives, and the more than 500 wounded soldiers who sacrificed their lives to put an end to the Marawi Siege. Mr. Trillianes has insulted and trampled on our new heroes and their families.

Is it whimsical to suffer? Is it whimsical for homes to be destroyed and lose all that the people of Marawi have built and invested for the future of their families? Mr Trillianes has just insulted the people of Marawi who have pinned their hope in Martial Law to end the war, to rehabilitate their city, to restore what they have lost, and to return to their normal lives.

Is it whimsical for Christians and Muslims to be executed by terrorists? Mr Trillianes has insulted the 45 civilians who were executed by terrorists and the reported 300 civilians who are still unaccounted for.

Mr Trillianes has also insulted us, the Filipino people, especially those in Mindanao. His statement is a declaration that we are ignorant of what is happening in our country.

His statement is an expression of his desire to put the Filipino people at risk. Being a public servant, this is irresponsible and reckless. It is a shame. He should resign.

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