Female ER doctor shares “heart-wrenching” encounter in the frontline

Imagine yourself in the shoes of this young lady who rushed alone to the ER of one of the hospitals in Metro Manila in the middle of the night because of respiratory distress only to be turned away because the ER can no longer accommodate one more patient. Meaning, she was experiencing breathing difficulty.

This was the scene in our ERs according to netizen Andrea Carigma, an ER doctor in one of the hospitals in Metro Manila.

Carigma posted her experience yesterday, 4th of April 2021 just past midnight, to give Filipinos a heads up on the desperate situation in our hospitals.

Carigma, by the sound of it, was somewhat disturbed by her decision knowing that the choice she made could have serious implication. (IMO, the good doctor made the right choice and her conscience is clear.)

Confused? Well, according to Carigma’s story, she had to tell the GRAB driver to cancel his booking because the passenger he was about to pick up was a covid PUI, the 30ish lady who rushed to their ER because of breathing difficulty.

The moral lesson of the story? Don’t get covid because of careless behavior like not observing health protocols. If you have to go out because of your profession or livelihood like the Grab driver, wear the proper gear to protect yourself from the virus, frequent hand washing and maintain social distancing.

You may read full story below.

A 😳moment today:

We had a patient in respiratory distress – adult, 31yo female, coughing – who came in the ER in a taxi.

I don’t know if the taxi driver knew she was a symptomatic PUI with a known exposure to a covid confirmed patient.

She boarded off the taxi and talked to us to ask if we have vacancy in the ER. We explained to her we don’t. So she sat in the waiting area and said she’ll look for another hospital.

She said a car would pick her up. So I extended the courtesy and told her to just sit there and I’ll look out for the vehicle so the driver can just pick her up from where she is sitting (because we ran out of wheelchairs today, too)

The car came in the driveway and I hailed it and then I saw that the driver was an elderly male, wearing only a cloth mask that poorly fits his face.

Sabi ko “Kuya, may surgical mask po ba kayo? Hindi po kasi sapat yung mask ninyo.”

Driver: “bakit po? May sakit po ba yung susunduin ko?”

Apparently, it was a Grab booking.

Hindi kaya ng kalooban ko magsinungaling sa kanya. Sabi ko, “Opo”

Driver: “ay aalis na lang po ako. Hanapbuhay po itong pagmamaneho ko pero hindi ko po balak isugal ang buhay ko.”

Umalis na sya.

Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako kasi naiiwas ko ang isang elderly na maexpose sa PUI o malulungkot ako kasi yung pasyente na hirap nang huminga ay walang masakyan papunta sa ibang hospital.

Mga Grab and taxi drivers, magiingat po kayo. Magmask po nang maayos at magfaceshield kung kayo po ay magsasakay ng mga pasahero. Hindi po natin alam kung nakakahawa sila.

Dapat po sana ambulance ang naghahatid sa mga may sakit sa hospital kaso po ang hirap humanap.


Source: Andrea Carigma

A 😳 moment today: We had a patient in respiratory distress – adult, 31yo female, coughing – who came in the ER in a…

Posted by Andrea Carigma on Saturday, April 3, 2021

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