Female lawyer urges Duterte supporters to lift up President’s spirit when he is tired, telling him we have not lost faith

Recently, President Duterte said he wants to step down because he was feeling exasperated fighting a well-entrenched enemy – corruption in government.

Duterte’s words elated the opposition supporters, especially those who did not bother to read the article and realized that Duterte was simply trolling them.

Meanwhile, Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano took Duterte’s words with mixed emotions.

In other words, he was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Alejano was right not to assume Duterte will give the reins of power to the opposition in a silver platter because PRRD was simply trolling the dilawans.

If you go back and read Duterte’s statement as per Rappler article dated August 14, 2018, Duterte was talking in if conditional once again.

“If you say, ‘President, sir, we find you not at par or not in parity with the expectations,’ and you say, ‘We have found a leader,’ I will step down.” [Rappler]

On this note, lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles urges Duterte supporters to tell PRRD that they have not lost faith and we have his back to buoy his sagging spirit.

Angeles remarked that you can’t fault President Duterte and his men to feel this way because after sacrificing so much for the country, like staying long hours in the office and spending more time away from the family in exchange for a little pay compared to their counterparts in the private sector and when they commit a mistake and yet critics would still crucify them in public.

Even more exasperating for PRRD was the realization that no matter how many crooks he fired from his government, new crooks replace the old one but can’t seem to find replacements for the few good men who left government service because they lose steam fighting the bad guys.

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Well of course the president is tired. I know quite a few who are. And it isn’t the work, really. Most of them are, just as the president is, qualified for it and are good leaders.

Except. Except they have to keep fighting just to stay afloat.

Consider this. Government officials are in the spotlight. ALL THE TIME. You make one little mistake and people will be all, “I’m paying taxes for this?”

There is very little pay. And if you so much as get one thousand pesos hike, people will be all, “You’re in government. You shouldn’t be making so much.” Well, why the hell not?

And of course there are all the rules. Do this. Act this way. Do not spit, swear or fart. Pardon my temporary balahura-ness. But really, we expect government officials to suddenly be virginal and boring.

There are exceptions of course, pigs in the Senate, crocs in the House, smiling officials who pocket the money. These people, they don’t care how they look, after all if you steal big enough, you can buy anyone.

So on the one hand, the President needs good people who soon get tired because they’re fighting off corruption, trying to do the right thing, spending time away from families (the hours are insane if you’re a good guy) and then also living up to the sometimes unrealistic expectations of the public. Oh, and they are also impoverishing themselves.

On the other hand, the President needs to rein in the super matatakaws who are quite good at keeping up appearances while draining government coffers and take them down. But because they have so much money from stealing…

The President is losing good men. But he is also able to take down the bad ones. It doesn’t end the cycle though. Pigs taken out are quickly replaced by other pigs. While the good guys lose steam from fighting the good fight.

Is there hope though? I think so. The President is the biggest shiniest beacon of hope there is. No one has been this serious at fighting corruption. No one has been this determined. If he is tired we gotta prop him up, gotta show him, Mr. President, we have not lost faith. We can do this.

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