Fiery lawyer smells blood, wants water companies to reimburse money they collect from consumers, fine them for polluting Manila Bay

A pro-Duterte lawyer posed a provocative question to her Facebook page followers regarding their opinion whether the news report that the water companies are no longer interested in collecting the billions of pesos the government supposedly owed to them is good news or not?

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles answered her own question saying it is not exactly good news. Angeles said its more of “DAPAT LANG” response rather than we should be thankful to them for the gesture.

Angeles elaborated that in the first place, these water companies still owe money to the public for collecting sewerage fee but they did not build us a sewerage system. Angeles said the water companies wanted to give the public the “Malabanan-type” of poso negro sewerage system. That is, they would just collect the waste in our septic tanks but they would not build a sewerage and sewerage treatment.

An exasperated Angeles uttered the word “crazy”to describe the world of the water companies once the government decides to collect the fines for polluting Manila Bay and its tributaries.

Angeles also mentioned the fees these water companies collected for Laiban Dam but it turned out, they want the government to pay for the building of the said dam and the proof of it is the government taking a loan from China for that purpose.

Angeles ended the FB post claiming that the water concessionaires should also pay damages for our lack of water supply for failing to advise PNoy that Laguna Lake needs dredging. Angeles insinuated these water companies did not say anything about the necessity of dredging Laguna Lake because having done so means, they would have to pay for the dredging.

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Good news ba yung di na sisingilin ng dalawang water companies yng mga panalo nila sa arbitral court?

Not exactly. Its more of a DAPAT LANG rather than something we should be thankful to them for doing.

Kasi nganaman, una may utang pa sila sa atin dahil sumingil sila ng sewerage, pero walang binigay na sewerage. Gusto nila mala-Malabanan style lang ang gagawin nila. That is, hahakutin ang laman ng mga poso negro natin. Pero di sila maglalagay ng sewerage at sewerage treatment.

Kalokah. Yari sila pag singilan na ng fines sa pag pollute ng Manila Bay at tributaries nito.

Also, sumingil din sila sa Laiban dam, pero… hahaha, gobyerno pala ang gagastos dun. May loan tayo sa China, di ba?

Dapat nga magbayad ang mga concessionaires ng danyos sa atin dahil sa kakulangan ng tubig, kasi di nila inabisuhan si Noynoy na kailangan i-dredge ang Laguna Lake. Palibhsa sa kanila dapat manggagaling ang pambayad sa Belgian company na gagawa dapat nito.

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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