Fiery lawyer tears apart Sen. Bam Aquino’s statement on South China Sea issue, says it “creates more confusion because of misleading logic”

Allegedly, Senator Bam Aquino said something like this: “Ipaglaban naman natin ang atin. China invaded our Philippine waters and installed missiles. Gawain ba yan ng isang kaibigan?”

Aquino added: “Kumilos naman tayo para sa kinabukasan ng bansa at ng mga Pilipino. We support the convening of the NSC (National Security Council and hopes the President listens to the security experts.”

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Senator Aquino’s statement on the WPS issue made lawyer Bruce Rivera’s temper to flare up on Facebook.

Rivera described Aquino’s statement as mere “posturing and riddled with fallacies.”

Rivera added that Aquino’s poor choice of words is not helping at all and creates more confusion with misleading logic.

Check out the full text of the post below.


I am not a fan of Chinese foreign policy and I am one of those who love our country but what you are saying is stupid. If the Chinese officials will listen to what you are saying, a sitting Senator spewing fallacies, you are courting disaster.

First of all, when you said China invaded undisputed Philippine waters and installed missiles, that is not entirely correct. It was on an island that is not part of our claim but Vietnam’s. Even Leni made the mistake but later on recanted.

Second, the UN ruling based on the UNCLOS awarded the Philippines maritime rights over the disputed territory. Maritime rights pertain to our right over the seas and how we can harness the natural resources in the West Philippine Sea. There was no decision as to the islands or the terestrial rights of the Philippines. As such, there is still dispute on these islands we are claiming. Kaya nga siguro, pinalawak ng pinalawak ng China ang mga isla dahil alam nilang hindi pa kasama yun sa desisyon ng UN.

Third, when you say “invasion”, it presupposes that these islands are inhabited by Filipinos and Chinese forces ejected them and fortified the islands. Again, these are disputed island where there are no permanent Filipino settlers. How can China invade an uninhabited island in the middle of an area disputed by four states? I am not siding with China but the term you are using is not only careless but not entirely true. Occupation instead of invasion may be a better term given the context of your statement.

Fourth, and speaking of you asking the rhetorical question, “yan ba ang gawain ng isang kaibigan?” Let me pose the same question to you. The Philippines has not abandoned its claim on Sabah. Let us admit, Sabah as a territory has more economic value than the islands you say are invaded by China. Malaysia has already built military structures in Sabah and many undocumented Sabahans with Filipino descent are not given basic human rights because of our existing claim. Do you want to ask the same question to Malaysia?

The truth is, all Filipinos, are worried about the Chinese militarization in the area. Why? We know we do not have a fighting chance if China decides to flex its muscles. But you are not helping with your posturing just to be relevant because you are confusing the situation with your poor use of words and misleading logic.

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