Fil-Am accountant mocks Leni Robredo’s 1% formula, calls it materially & grossly inaccurate & truly anomalous!

Edwin Jamora, long-time blogger behind the nickname Reyna Elena, is a US-based accountant and a Bicolano like Leni Robredo mocked the Vice President’s 1% formula.

Jamora called Leni’s 1% formula “materially and grossly inaccurate.”

Jamora narrated that a friend Mike FW Waldorf pm’ed him and asked if he could take a look at Leni’s 1% formula.

Jamora, who is an accountant by profession obliged, rolled up his sleeves and get down to work.

In a Facebook post, Jamora shared his findings after looking at Robredo’s 1% formula.

Jamora said that based on the graph allegedly used by Robredo as basis for her 1/100 grade of Duterte admin’s WOD, it was very anomalous. Jamora wrote that one does need to take Statistics or Differential calculus to understand Robredo’s 1% formula was anomalous. You only need to learn fractions and find common denominators.

You may read full article below to read the explanation of Edwin Jamora why he concluded Robredo’s formula was anomalous.


So habang nag-sasalansan ako nang mga barko sa pier, my friend Mike FW Waldorf pm’d me and asked me if I could take a look at Leni’s 1% formula!

Well. Alam nyo naman ako, pag dating sa mga ratio ratio, me mga divay divay yan. Yan ang ulam ko sa pabrika! Yan ang laman nung aking mga pag-susumbong sa Mey’yer and Board of Kunsumisyoners every month!


Do you see this graph mga friends?! Listen, you don’t even have to take Statistics or Differential Calculus to understand that the basis of the 1% is truly gadem anomalous. You only need to learn fractions and find common factors. Let me explain.

So, 1% was derived from volume of shabu seized divay divay estimated volume of consumption of shabu.

First, let’s corrected by yong redundansoy because “estimated volume of consumption of shabu” is not good junglish. It should be “estimated volume of shabu consumption.” Lintian!

Second, the numerator is totally unrelated sa boray nina nya with the denominator. Why would you divay divay “Volume of shabu seized” with the “Estimated volume of shabu consumption?” What are you trying to do?!

Sure, you’ll get some numbers, a percentage, but what does that ratio represent?! You can’t call that success ratio! In other words, there is no common factor dun sa dalwa! When you begin computing on and with fractions, you better have that gadem fraction sense! Ok?! Otherwise, meaningless yong result nung kalkaleyshuns mo!

Why is the divay divay inaccurate? Because the denominator does not make sense and is irrelevant to the numerator!

If the denominator is the estimated volume of shabu consumption, Leni is making an inaccurate assumption that this is the actual shabu tonnage deliveries! Leni probably knows the actual shabu production and deliveries to the Philippines!

If she knows this number (well then accessory na sya nyan!), it would be more meaningful to change the divay divay to say:

Volume of Shabu Seized divay divay Total Volume of Shabu Production and Deliveries.

Why would our denominator be like this? Because we’ve read from the news that shabu is also produced in the Philippines, and there are shipments to the country ready for sale!

So you need to total those two together! That’s the number that should be seized! NOT THE ESTIMATED CONSUMPTION!

Why is the estimated consumption incorrect to us? Bakit, sure ka ba na i-dedeliver lahat nung estimated consumption mo?!

Worse, the word of the chienes is SEIZED. How can you seize an estimate na pantasya lang yon?! If you want to seize something, it better be something that is not a fantasy! It should be actual production and deliveries!

Lintian! Tse!

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Source: Edwin Jamora

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