Fil-Am blogger insists Jim Paredes made the ‘taong bundok’ statement, posts alleged proof Jim’s really said it!

While Jim Paredes has vehemently denied calling the people of Mindanao as “taong bundok” on social media, some of his critics doubts Jim’s honesty.

Jim accused the trolls of spreading lies and fake news on Twitter.

NEVER referred to Mindanaoans as Taong Bundok. My own mother is from Mindanao. Lies lies lies spread by trolls and losers on fake sites

Jim said his official FB account has close to 4K followers. But upon check the number of followers of his FB account and it says 40K followers not 4K.

On Facebook, Jim called out a news blog site for spreading the fake news.

To all people including news outlets Like who were fooled and rode on the fake story about me,
I categorically deny that I called Mindanaoans ‘Taong Bundok’. My Mother is from Mindanao. I have friends from there and I have been to Mindanao countless times. I have even performed in Marawi city. I have spent happy times all over the island. The statement posted on a fake account are as untrue as saying the PHL constitution has more than 200 articles. It is a complete lie.

Imagine standing on a hill and tearing a pillow apart and letting all the feathers fly where they may go. Now imagine having to pick each one one by one. That is what spreading fake news, chismis is like.
Let us all practice discernment.

However, Jim’s critics are not taking his word seriously.

Edwin Jamora, a Fil-Am blogger took to Facebook accusing Jim Paredes of lying about the ‘taong bundok’ statement.

Update: I added the said post kung saan nahuli si Jim Paredes.

According to my reliable and anonymous source, yong pinost ni Jim Paredes about sa mga tiga-Mindanao na mga tiga-bundok ang mga to is ACTUALLY TRUE and HE ACTUALLY SAID IT! Then Jim Paredes changed his profile pic kaya he did not deny it until more than 2 days later! Nagbago muna nang pic at nang setting and that group is now private and secret.

Credits to Edwin Jamora

Credits to Edwin Jamora

Jim’s controversial post that stirred the hornet’s nest. Below is the alleged cached copy of Jim’s post shared by a commenter.

Credits to Edwin Jamora

Credits to Edwin Jamora

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